Hater PSA…Courtesy Of Papi Z

Christa Simpson:

Good advice for writers to live by.

Originally posted on The Literary Syndicate:

Papi Prompt will be live in the morning, right now I want to discuss haters. So, pull up a chair close to the fire my friends, and let ol’ Papi Z spin you a tale.

Today, I learned how notto deal with haters by watching how someone chose to do it. This person shall remain anonymous here.

Negative reviews are a fact of life, you don’t like them and I don’t like them. What is the best way to deal with an honest, well intention-ed negative review? Learn from it. Set aside your ego, your pride over someone “attacking” your baby, and listen to what they have to say. For that particular person, your book was not to their taste, for whatever reason they give. Absorb the criticism, look at it through their eyes, and determine if the points they make are valid.

If they are valid…

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