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My girls play a BIG part in my life. Although I don’t talk about them too often on here, today is going to be one HUGE exception! Can I just say how proud I am of them? They’ve inspired me to write this post tonight. Both of them came home with a spelling test and each had earned a perfect score! When I asked the oldest how the rest of her grade 4 class did, she reluctantly admitted that most did significantly worse than her. Look at those words… there are some tough ones in there!

Then there’s my youngest. She’s in the bottom grade of a grade 2/3 split class. She tried the optional bonus word (for the grade 3’s in her class) and even got that correct! I was so happy I did up a little photo to show you. :D :D

I have to believe that their success stems from our love of reading. In our house, when we get home from work/day care, we sit down and do homework. Every night that includes at least 20 minutes of reading. At one time, I was reading to/with them every night, but now that they’re both into novels, they read on their own. I’m always available to help them pronounce a new word and I encourage them to come to me with them. My little one (although she might not look so little anymore) still likes me to read her an occasional bed time story. Here’s a cute bed time story by Linda Flay, a local author we met at a signing last year. I’ve attached my review from #Goodreads, if you’re interested in having a look.

At one time my oldest daughter, Jenica, was quite willing to read every night, although friends are starting to turn into a higher priority these days. My youngest, however, has become rather obsessed with reading lately. Now that she’s in grade two, her teacher tallies up their monthly reading and gives them a bead for every 100 minutes read. Amber is convinced that she has to read her heart out to earn those beads for her necklace. On the first night of their reading program, she took home a book from the level selected by her teacher. I’ve never seen her cry so hard. It had only taken her seven minutes to finish the story, when they were supposed to read for 15-20 minutes. I had to laugh. Poor girl. We eventually agreed that she would ask her teacher if she could pick a story from the chapter books next time.

I have to tell you, in case you have eager little readers in your house, that Amberly’s favourite series by far is the Junie B. Jones novels. Junie B. First Grader Aloha-ha-ha by Barbara Park is her new favourite book. If you have a child starting into chapter books, you should give these silly stories a look.

Ooh, I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you! My girls have been so inspired by momma’s writing that they’ve decided to take up the creative journey themselves. Thanks to Black Widow Publishing, my daughters are now published authors! They’ve collaborated to publish under the pen name Author J.A. Sparkle! Check it out!

Super Pepper To The Rescue!

When Lilyanna decides to face her fear of the dark in the spooky forest, she doesn’t expect to get lost. But when she does, her cuddly kitty with super powers comes to her rescue.

Super Pepper to the Rescue is a magical little tale that will make you smile and have your kids asking you to read it over and over again.


I must say, the day I came home to tell Jenica that her first published story became a Canadian Best Seller was such a great feeling! She was so proud and so was I. Imagine what it would feel like for her to see HER STORY sitting right next to Splat the Cat!

I write because I like to write. You read because you like to read. Why not pass that on to our kids?! I don’t care what format you’ve got them reading, e-books, paperbacks, it’s all the same in my world. But who’s going to put those stories into the children’s hands if not you?

I truly believe that there is a book out there for everyone. If your kid doesn’t enjoy a story, don’t make them read it! Find them another – and another – and another – until they find something they like. And I don’t want to hear no complaining about the expense of books. There are many affordable ones on Amazon and if you’re not looking to spend a dime, your local library is filled with books that will last a kid a lifetime of reading – FOR FREE!

Do you and your children a favour! While you’re picking up a book for them, grab one for yourself. Don’t just tell them how great it is for them to read, SHOW THEM!

Prove to them: READING IS FUN!!


I’d love to hear from parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts or uncles. What stories are your little ones reading and enjoying this year? Are you a children’s author? Drop your link in the comments! My daughters and I love trying out new authors and we’re happy to leave reviews if the book fits! :)

Wicked Steamy Romance for $0.99!

Sexy blonde woman in white dress


This story might be set in the winter, but don’t let that stop you from buying it today!! Readers are calling Finding Destiny “wicked steamy”. Another reader has described it as “sweet, hot, and downright delicious.” I promise you it’ll melt away any reservations you have to the point you’d be fanning yourself at the beach, and it wouldn’t be because of the heat outside. ;)

Finding Destiny - e-cover2

Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of Finding Destiny today! It’s now available in paperback too. $6.00 USD plus shipping for an autographed copy, for those who might be interested. Email me with your address if you would like an exact quote!  


For your reading pleasure ;)

After an embarrassing exchange of too much information, Destiny was relieved to hear that the headboard had finally stopped banging off the wall.  It wasn’t very long after that when Felicia and Matty rejoined them, both with mischievous smiles on their faces.

Matty glanced at Felicia like she was a tasty treat that he had yet to sample.  “Felicia and I have to go out for a few things.  Can we get you guys anything?”

Natalie shuffled awkwardly to her feet, knocking the peas onto the old, untreated floorboards.  “Yeah.  My truck.”

Destiny watched how Natalie favored the wrong ankle.  “Are you sure you should be standing on that?”  It was supposed to be more of a tease, but Natalie didn’t get it.

Skylar smiled and glanced at the floor, having read Destiny’s sarcasm like it were written in his own baby book.

“I just want to get my truck and get this weekend back on track.  This was supposed to be our weekend, remember?  And now all this has happened.”

The truth was that Natalie was only upset because there were two men there and not a single one of them were giving her the time of day.

“Quit being such a party pooper.  Matty says we can stay as long as we like.”  Felicia gave Matty a naughty eye that said she would be happy to lock herself back in that bedroom with him for another round.

“Well, I’m going,” Natalie insisted, turning her attention to Matty.  “Skylar said you can fix my truck.  Will you?”

Matty shrugged his shoulders, as Natalie pulled on her puffy white jacket.  “I can certainly have a look.  Trouble is, I only have my truck here.  It’ll only fit three of us.”  Then he glanced at Felicia.  “Unless you want to sit on my lap, doll.”

Felicia smiled, but everyone else cringed.  Those two were a perfect match for each other.

Destiny stood from the sofa.  “Do you really think we could all fit?”

When Skylar mirrored her stance, she turned to face him.  She could tell he had something important to say.  She stared at his lips, just waiting for him to stop her.  But she worried that he didn’t have it in him.


Skylar didn’t know why his pulse was now throbbing in his throat, but there was no way he could let Destiny walk out on him already.  They had only just met.  When she had stood from her seat, a sudden stab of realization had washed over him.  He had to think of something quick.

“You should stay.”

His offer had been charming, his voice soft, and the fact that he hadn’t heard the word no on her breath gave him hope.

“I don’t know,” she answered, after a slight hesitation.  The look on her face suggested she was unsure of what he was offering.  “I don’t know,” she repeated, like she was overthinking it.  “Nat, you probably need a doctor.  I can come with you.”

Skylar knew that was an outright lie.  What was she so scared of?

Matty stole Destiny’s attention.  “Sorry to break it to you, Dee, but the nearest doctor is close to an hour away.”  He turned toward Natalie to inform her of the situation, saving Skylar the trouble.  “If it’s a doctor you need, Skylar’s the best alternative you’ve got.  You’re better off lifting that foot up and taking it easy.”

“That’s fine.  I can do that at the spa we paid a small fortune to visit.  It was non-refundable, by the way.”  Natalie ignored Felicia’s disappointment, and glanced at Destiny as she zipped up her jacket.  “If Felicia’s coming back out here, then you might as well hang out for a while.”

“Are you sure, Nat?”

“Yessss!” she stated, dramatically.  “I’ll catch up with you guys later.  You will be okay out here on your own, right?”

Skylar saw Destiny gulp when her eyes reached his.  She would be very okay out there, if Skylar had anything to do with it.  He raised his eyebrows in question.  But he really wanted her to stay.

She turned back to Natalie.  “I’ll be fine.”

A dragon took flight in Skylar’s chest from what her agreement insinuated.  She wanted him just like he wanted her.  With that knowledge, he grew more brave and moved closer to her.

He draped his arm over Destiny’s shoulder.  “I’ll take good care of her.”

When Destiny leaned back to peer up at him, he caught his first glimpse of her angelic smile up close.  Oh, God.  Those lips.  His gaze snared hers and he could see her innocence melting away.  He wet his lips with a lick of his tongue, overcome with a desire to take her mouth against his.  Her soft smile never left those perfect pink lips, telling him exactly what he needed to know.  She liked what she saw.

“Let’s leave those two love birds alone,” Matty teased.  “Come on, ladies.  Your chariot awaits.”

They all shuffled outside, leaving Destiny and Skylar very alone, his arm still carefully strung across her back.

Cutting the silence, and escaping the closeness that left him aching to touch her, Skylar retrieved his arm and headed for the kitchen.  “Can I get you something to drink?  Sorry I didn’t think to ask you sooner.  I must have left my manners back at home.  They don’t come in real handy around those guys.”

He watched Destiny swallow again.  “I can imagine.”

Skylar pulled a couple of beers from the fridge and returned to the living room.  “I don’t suppose you drink beer.”  He twisted the top off the bottle and handed it to her.

“Not really, but I could use one right about now.”

He chuckled as he twisted the cap off his own bottle and snapped the lid across the room.  “Sorry.  Old habits die hard.”  He drew a long, slow gulp from the bottle, and he caught her watching his mouth.

“It’s fine.  This is your place.  You can do whatever you want in it.”

That suggestion gave him unwholesome thoughts.  He planned on finding out whether she would make good on that promise.


Copyright 2014 Christa Simpson.


For more information on Book 1:

FD - characters promo


Now is the time to read Finding Destiny, if you haven’t already. Book 2 in the Destiny Series is well on its way.

If you’ve already read Destiny’s story and are curious to hear about book two, I’ve already posted your first look at the synopsis!


Young handsome macho man with muscle abdominal and open jacket

For more information on Book 2:

Is anyone else as excited as me for book 2? Matty and Felicia make quite the interesting couple! I promise you the prologue will grab a hold of your heart and twist, but it’ll be so worth it in the end! Not only that, but there will be more of Skylar and Destiny!

Review: Hidden Truths by Nicole Colville


I’ve read a M/M romance before, but it was nothing compared to this. Nicole is unafraid to push the envelope, her delivery is wholehearted, and she just tells her story like it is… dirty, gritty and erotic. Allow me to reiterate that this story is INCREDIBLY hot. I dared think I could pull the STRAIGHT GIRL move at first and try to picture one of the men as a woman. Nope. Did not work. The incredibly descriptive act of body parts touching just does not allow for it. 1 - hidden truths (more…)

Twisted Desire Book Trailer

Have you had the chance to check out Twisted Desire yet? It’s receiving rave reviews.

5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING FANTASTIC HOT HOT HOT July 21 2014

By MarthaPublished on
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I loved it!! I could not put this book down, WOW. Harley, a private investigator meets his match in Aliah. She is one tough woman, and she gives him a run for his money!!
5.0 out of 5 stars I loved Abby and Edwin in the first 3 books and … July 27 2014
By JocelynPublished on
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
OMG!!!…once again Christa Simpson has outdone herself! I loved Abby and Edwin in the first 3 books and I must admit that the only reason I purchased book 4 was because it was a part of the series and I was hoping for more of Abby and Edwin… I think I love this book more! I love Ally and Harley and all the action! I couldn’t put it down! It is a must read and I look forward to book 5!!!

Don’t believe them? Have a look for yourself. :) :)





That smile is a weapon, I tell you.  He needs to put that thing away before she’s forced to do something that will give him a good reason to smile that wickedly.  BUY NOW!!! –>

Tomorrow’s the big day!!!

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Are You a Winner?!

Loving couple in the car embracesWelcome to all the newcomers. The Twisted Desire Cover Reveal Party was a success!! Thanks to everyone who came out to show their support. <3 <3


Giveaway #1: ARC of Twisted Desire


COVER REVEAL: Twisted Desire by Christa Simpson

 Twisted Desire - ecover

Title:  Twisted Desire

Author:  Christa Simpson

Release Date: July 19, 2014

Series:  Book #4 in the Twisted Series (stand-alone)

Genre:  New Adult Romance/Romantic Suspense

(18+ due to graphic scenes involving sex, violence
and vulgar language that may be offensive to some readers)


Find the girl… Trick the girl… Collect the reward. His plan was foolproof.

Strong, seductive and sexy as hell.  Harley Gates is all those things.  He’s a renowned PI who rides above the law, because he’s worth more to the cops on the front line than in a jail cell.  When a new client puts him on the task of tracking down her boyfriend’s so-called mistress, the size of the pay check says he’s going to do it, no matter the cost.  The plan is foolproof.  Find the girl.  Trick the girl.  Collect the reward.  But Miss Aliah Brooklin is no fool.

She’s as feisty as they come, provoking him with every lick of her lips.  But Aliah Brooklin isn’t ready to turn in her glass slippers just yet.  Being once burned, twice shy, she’s careful to guard her heart.  No man means no problems.  She knows this.  But this motorcycle man who calls himself Harley has her swooning like a fairy tale princess.  She knows something’s not quite right with him, but their chemistry alone has her surrendering to his wiles.

Is Aliah doomed to a life without love?  That’s what she keeps telling herself.  But tattooed sexy sure throws a kink in her plans.  If no love means no heart break, then why does this man have her heart tearing at the seams?  When Harley’s investigation flips to a new mystery, he’s forced to tell her the truth.  A vicious twist will change everything.   Note: This book is part of the Twisted series, coming after the Twisted Trilogy, however it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone (with spoilers from the first three books, of course).


Print Cover - Twisted Desire


She pulls the hair tie from her high pony and shakes it out, until long waves of silky hair are framing her face and dangling down to the curve of her lower back.  Her hair whispers across the bareness of her skin, like chocolate silk.

“So, is that a yes?”  He’s not below begging at this point, if she is to say no.

“Yes to what?  I recall that you asked what I was doing later.  Was I supposed to assume that you meant you’d like to keep me busy?”

“I would like that.  Very much.”

“I’m sure you would.  Unfortunately, I’m busy.  Maybe next time.  But not likely,” she mumbles under her breath, as her voice trails off.

“Are you too good for me?  Just say it, if that’s it.”  His words stop her in her tracks.

She spins back around and props a hand on a flawless hip.  “Do I look good to you?”

She looks bad.  Very, very bad.  Her sassy mouth and bad attitude are really turning him on something fierce.  He wants to spank her.

Good isn’t the word I would use.”  His eyes violate her entire body.

He reaches out and pulls a single strand of hair from between her lips, then dusts a kiss there, in stark contrast to the loaded machine gun he’s packing in his pants.

He can see that she’s flustered.  He’s getting to her.  Little miss Aliah isn’t quite as hard as she lets on.  He, on the other hand, is as hard as he can possibly get.

“You make me feel…”  She huffs, not even knowing how to fill in her own sentence.

“Wow.  So she does feel.”

Aliah narrows her eyes, but quickly replaces that look with a smile.  “Yes.  I only play the heartless bitch.”

He watches her fidget with her necklace, then closes his hand over hers to stop her.  “You’re a good actress.”

She shoves him backward, taking what he says the wrong way.  “Get away from me.”  Though she tries to put some distance between them, her attempt at moving him is wildly unsuccessful.

He catches her wrist, worried he’s pushed her a little too hard.  With Aliah, there seems to be a fine line between O-K and F-U.

“I’m sorry…” he starts, but is cut off by Aliah’s pleased cackle.

“I am pretty good, eh?  I certainly had you.”

He couldn’t believe he had fallen for her act.  “I feel like I have to tread carefully with you.  Should I ask for permission before saying anything offensive?”

“Hah!  Where would the fun be in that?  It’s all good.  I’m sure I can handle you in real time.”

“Is that right?”

Her hesitation is sweet, but the smug expression that swipes across her face makes him want to collect her hands behind her back to restrain her, while he moulds her soft curves to his hard edges.

Would she respond to him?

He moves his face very near hers and growls.  “You only think you could handle me.”

She doesn’t back away.  “No.  I can handle you.”

His body twitches at her bold statement, only leaving him to egg her on.  He wants to taste her, when he inhales the sweet nectar inviting him to her skin.

His breath rushes over her ear.  “Prove it.”

He thinks she’ll retreat, but then he feels her silky hands discovering the inside of his leather jacket.

“I plan to.”          Copyright 2014 Christa Simpson

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About the Author:

christaChrista Simpson is a Romance Author who enjoys entertaining her readers with sexy alpha males and sassy heroines.  She writes sassy new adult romances and steamy adult romances loaded with passion, suspense and sarcasm.  In her “free time”, she loves reading, writing, music, movies and dancing.  She likes her men muscled, her music loud and her kids happy.

She’s a small town girl, living in Southwestern Ontario with her husband and two beautiful daughters.  Christa is a legal assistant by day, wielding a sexy imagination by night.  She’s a dreamer and has always believed that you can do anything you set your mind to.

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Author of…


| Book 1: Twisted | Book 2: Twist & Turn | Book 3: A Twist of Fate |

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Book 4: Twisted Desire


Book 1: Finding Destiny

Finding Destiny - 3D cover white


Confident young man shirtless portrait with machine gun against

For more information about Christa Simpson and her books, please visit:

Blog Hop: My Writing Process

When I was asked to join in the MY WRITING PROCESS blog tour by two fellow authors, how could I say no?! Thanks to Jennifer Ammoscato and Gabbie S. Duran for including me. Two fabulous authors right there, with very different writing styles. You should give them each a look, whether you’re into a witty dose of chick-lit or a heart-wrenching romance, they’ve got you covered.

My Writing Process

I’m told I have to answer four specific questions. And I will. But, since Jennifer broke the rules, I figure it’s okay for me to have a free-for-all too. Rather than list the question and follow it with an answer (boorring), I’m just going to have at it. Here goes!

ORGANIZED CHAOS!!! notebook - twisted desire

That’s me. I keep an overall storyline in mind and go hog-wild with it. Let me share a couple of photos with you, which will help you to better understand my madness. The first image to the right is my electronic notebook. Those are just the stories I have hard core ideas for. Those stories must happen. That’s proof right there why it takes me so long to finish anything! And that’s not even the whole of it.

I’m constantly jotting down notes. When a thought comes into my mind, I mentally catalogue it into a story I have in the works. Keep in mind I use the term jot lightly. Most of my notes are written in a fit of inspiration, in a scrawl that even I have a hard time later deciphering. Those notes eventually get entered into my electronic notebook with a mess of other notes under its working book title. In each book tab you’ll find images, quotes, songs… anything that reminds me of my story or inspires me to write more. I won’t come back and organize that file until I’m ready to give it some form and prepare it for writing in MS Word. (more…)

BLOGGERS… last chance!


Please sign up for my cover reveal!  All you have to do is post the cover of Twisted Desire by Christa Simpson on or after May 31, 2014 at noon.  You can join the Facebook event and post the links to your post(s) for more visits to your blog/page.

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The blurb is now complete.  If it sounds like something you might like to read, please add it to your Goodreads shelves today!

Find the girl.  Trick the girl.  Collect the reward.  His plan was foolproof.