The Twisted Trilogy

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The Twisted Trilogy is my debut series, following the life of Abigail Jenkins from a first person perspective.  Experience Abigail’s love, loss, exhilaration and depression and listen in on her innermost fears and dreams.

This new adult contemporary romance series has a lot of new adult sass and sexy love scenes that will make your skin tingle and your heart melt.  There’s a paranormal twist that grows more important as the story unfolds and an intriguing parallel plot to keep you on your toes.

TWISTED – Published February 27, 2013

TWIST AND TURN – Published August 01, 2013

A TWIST OF FATE– Published December 07, 2013


Twisted by Christa Simpson.  Cover by Razzle Dazzle Design.

Twisted by Christa Simpson. Cover by Razzle Dazzle Design.



In book one, Abigail struggles with dating all the wrong guys and starts to remember why she had fallen for her ex-boy toy, Edwin, in the first place.  They still shared a house, the convenience being too good to give up, just as their love connection was too brilliant to ignore.

There are some fun, sassy sex scenes and a taste of the paranormal, or not, as Abigail is unable to decipher between what is real and what is all in her head.  Being faced with memories of the tragic death of her twin sister, even though it was so many years ago, Abigail struggles to break free from the strangle hold her sister’s memory has on her.

For fun, you follow the drama between Abigail’s best friend, Aliah, and her co-worker, Maddie, who vie for Hunter’s attention and take turns making his days warm and his nights hot.  After a surprising twist, Aliah is faced with an important decision that may be a game changer.

Edwin and Abigail’s relationship comes to a head when Abigail admits that she wants babies sooner rather than later, and Edwin admits he can’t give her what she wants.  What happens after that will either bring them closer together or drive them farther apart.


In book two, you learn that Abigail’s story is actually premised on a love triangle.  Book one was about her on again off again relationship with Edwin.  In book two, you’ll experience her guilt and resistance to Edwin’s continual lure, until the man of her dreams falls right on her doorstep.  It’s all about her and her new man, Cameron Clarke, who seems too good to be real, but you’ll soon learn that he has a heap of dirty laundry to air.

Aliah and Maddie’s rivalry will continue to escalate, like the heat in Cameron’s bedroom, when Abigail finally gives in to him.  Oh, did I say that Cameron has a daughter.  But she loves Abigail, so it’s all good; until she gets into a handful of mysterious trouble and drags Abigail along with her.

Right when you start to think Abigail’s late twin sister, Jenny Jenkins, is all in her head, you get to read a chapter from her perspective.  Yes, that’s right, the dead woman has feelings too.  And I’m not going to tell you who she’s set her violet eyes on.

Another fun twist is that you get to read one chapter from Edwin’s perspective.  Personally, I absolutely love that scene and hope you do too.


The short of it is, Edwin and Cameron fight for what’s theirs, leaving it up to Abigail to make the critical life-changing decision, being which man she’ll make her husband.

When Edwin steps up his game, is it enough to win her heart back or will it blow up in his face?  Will she choose her long-time boyfriend or the new love of her life?  Either way, Abigail will get the happy ever after she’s been dreaming of.  But trust me when I say that the end of this story will knock your socks off.  ;)








    1. Happy to hear it, Alicia!! I’m editing A Twist of Fate as we speak and am getting really excited about sharing the ending. I hope you’ll leave a review on Amazon & Goodreads for my other books!! Book 3 is set for release December, 2013. :) You can follow my Facebook page if you’d like updates and teasers.


  1. Hey Christa was just checking in #3 its not even pulling up for pre- order . Will it still be Dec.? I know great things take time , just wondering. Ready to get started on another book. Im on Nook.


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