Writers’ Challenge – 777 Excerpts from the TWISTED series

I read about a fun little challenge being shared between authors and thought it would be fun to post my results.  This should be fun!!

Following are excerpts from my TWISTED manuscript (book one) and my draft TWIST AND TURN manuscript (book two).  These are seven line excerpts from the 7th line in my manuscript, the 7th line on page 7, and the 7th line on page 77.  Let’s see what happens!!


Line 7: Regardless, I had to get ready for my night out and fast.  I was expecting my mystery man any minute.

Edwin Santora’s eyes were on me the second our solid wood door clunked shut.  After kicking off my shoes, and giving a silent wave to my brooding, shirtless roommate, I rushed directly upstairs taking two steps at a time.  Within seconds, Edwin was flying up the stairs behind me, all brawn and pride.  He stalked me down the hall, his large agile physique a shadow of stealth.  But no matter how smooth Edwin thought he was, I could always sense when he was lurking around.

Page 7; Line 7: When Edwin made his way through the double doors, I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face; partly out of nervousness for him, but mostly because he looked so damn handsome in his new attire.  His gorgeous aqua blue eyes gleamed in the early morning sun, in amazing contrast to his gun metal grey suit.

I was stunned, elated, but I did my best to keep it together. “Abigail Jenkins,” he said.  “Nice to finally meet you.”  He strolled up next to me and reached his hand out for a shake, keeping up his charade.  I playfully swatted it away.

Page 77; Line 7: Edwin paused, but his lips never left mine, as I gasped on a sharp inhale.  “I know, right?” he said with a soft growl.  We shared a smile, our mouths touching, before continuing to lock lips.

Our company was getting impatient, all four sets of eyes gawking at us without shame.  Maddie gasped, as we ignored their wandering eyes.  She stomped down the path, her anger mounting, as she left the others to interrupt us. A hard finger poked Edwin’s shoulder.


Line 7: She looked in her rear-view mirror flashing a glance into the back seat. “I finally did it baby.  I did it for us,” she said, a soft smile creeping onto her downturned lips. A sudden flash of red light blinded her as she turned her tired, burning eyes to the oncoming headlights.

A truck was crossing over the narrow bridge before her and it was coming at her head on.  She slammed her brakes, but it was too late.  She raised an arm to cover her eyes to hide from the imminent crash, as her car skidded through the gravel and collided with the truck at full speed.

Page 7; Line 7: He spun around to face me and attacked me with his gorgeous features.  I could not believe my eyeballs.  His eyebrows hung low over his squinted crystal blue sunset-shaped eyes.  If eyes could smile, then his were beaming at me. When he caught my dazed stare, he wrinkled his sexy forehead, raising his eyebrows and giving me a better look into those glimmering crystal eyes.  Oh my god!  If possible, this man just got cuter.

I could have torn that face out of the nearest heartthrob magazine, just like I would like to tear that sexy suit off of him to see what he has hiding beneath it.

Page 77; Line 7: “Okay.  What do I have to say exactly?” “Stand here,” he said, as he pulled me just a foot away from our frosted glass window next to the front door. He leaned down to kiss me and I pushed him off before his lips could meet mine.

“What do you think you’re doing?” “Please, just do this for me,” he begged.  “It’s the only way to get rid of her.  You say you’re the drama queen, so prove it.”

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT.  I’ve decided against adding any excerpts from the third and final book in this trilogy, because it would be too much of a spoiler.

That was pretty fun though.  What do you think?  Are you curious to hear more?

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