Late for the Wedding

This is a historical romantic suspense novel by Amanda Quick, the final book in a three-part series, about Lavinia Lake and Tobias March, occasional business partners and sometimes lovers.

Book Review:Late for the Wedding

I wish I could give it a five, but it just wouldn’t be fair.  I would have to say the first two books in the series were more to my liking.  I actually preferred the bantering between Lavinia and Tobias and hoped for a little more of it in book three.  It didn’t necessarily live up to my expectations in that department. I also hoped, since the book is called “Late for the Wedding“, that there would actually be a wedding at the end.  Not the case.  Kind of disappointing.

Despite all of that, I still very much enjoyed the story.  Though I discovered the murderer the second the person was introduced, there was a fun twist on the end that I thought was ingenious.  She also wrapped up – for the most part – the murder mystery and I was satisfied with the ending.

I also enjoyed the sub-plot very much.  The connection between Anthony and Emeline had me more intrigued at times than the main plot.  I just wish there could have been little blurb about them at the end to tie up loose ends and officially give them their HEA.  I actually wanted to hear about their happily ever after, not just know that it was going to be.

I’ve always enjoyed an Amanda Quick novel and recall being very into this story when I first started it.  I even got to a point of incredible suspense where I just had to know what was going to happen next.  Then I put it down.  Picking it back up a few weeks later, the suspense was lost.  Even rereading a few chapters, I never quite got back into it and I really didn’t feel like starting over entirely.


Wedding (Photo credit: teresachin2007)

I’m just saying, my review may be biased because of the way I read the story.  I loved it to a point and then never really got back into it.  I only wish that I could have, because I was really looking forward to the HEA for Lavinia and Tobias.

Overall, I think the series was a good read.




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