Undone By Her Tender Touch

Undone by Her Tender Touch“I must say my heart truly ached for like 95% of this story.”       …                                                    Christa Simpson

This was my first review on Goodreads and so I’m excited to say that I tried a new to me author on for size and loved her.

After my sister insisted how much I would enjoy a Maya Banks romance, I finally gave in and read this story. I was unsure whether starting at the final book of the series was a smart idea, but I loved it and I’m not sure that I would have felt the same after reading the first three in the series.

Warning: There are spoilers at the end of this post.  Unforgettable quotes that I wanted to share.  🙂

So basically the story went as follows: Boy meets girl. Boy wants girl. Boy tells girl he wants to screw her – one night only – and of course girl agrees (apparently he’s incredibly sexy and rich). Boy takes girl to his mansion for a night of amazingly hot sex. All night. And it was all good until she gets knocked up. That’s where the story turns and my heart hurt from there on out.

I must say my heart truly ached for like 95% of this story. As soon as their night of passion ended, it was a continual downward spiral, inching back up numerous times, only to force you farther down the spiral. I wanted to pay attention to the POV of the characters and the quality of writing, which I must say was very good, but I couldn’t stay focused on that because I was too drawn in to the storyline. I read this story in one night. I stayed up into the early wee hours to finish it because I couldn’t stop without knowing what was going to happen.

The emotional rollercoaster ride left me sad, but I couldn’t cry. Right when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. And then it got worse yet. I didn’t want to be all depressed waiting to finish the story another day, so I read the damn thing start to finish. I was glad, because there’s a very happy ending that left me completely satisfied. Overall this story did exactly what it should and that is to make me connect with the characters and feel real emotion for them and their fictional life. I enjoyed it.

I’d definitely recommend it, if you think your heart could handle it.

STOP READING NOW if you plan to read this.  Spoilers follow.

…but I wanted to share a couple of lines that really stuck with me:


Broken heart symbol

“Why can’t you love me and our baby?”

He slapped his hands down on the desk and glared at her with eyes so dark and haunted that she flinched.

“It’s not that I can’t love you, Pippa.  I don’t want to.  Do you understand?  I don’t want to love you.”

My heart seriously broke for Pippa right there.

“I want nothing from you, Cam. Not your support. Not your money. Definitely not your presence. I don’t want you anywhere near me or my child. My child. Not yours. You don’t want us and quite frankly we don’t need you.”

And later… HEA

“He’s beautiful,” Cam whispered.

And then to Pippa’s complete surprise, a tear slid down Cam’s cheek, followed by another and then another. His hands shook as he cradled the baby closer to his chest.

If you knew how hard and cold Cam was at times in the story(for his own reasons) you would see how life changing this was for Pippa.

Good read.  🙂

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