So I’m A Few Days Late…

Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Valentine’s day! (Photo credit: DonnaGrayson)

It’s called a job. I have one. I sit at a desk Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, charging an obscene amount of money to give you second hand advice (that I’ve heard my boss deliver over the past 10 years). Between that and the kiddos, I am usually too worn out to publish my blog posts during the week. I do however write down my thoughts… all week. Come Saturday I have lots to say.That is why you’re getting this Valentine’s Day post a little on the late side. Better late than never, I always say. Except for when we’re talking flowers or gifts. Then late is bad. Very, very bad. I’m telling you… don’t do it!!  My hubby knows better. He should, we’ve been married for over 8 years now.

Here’s the card that was delivered with my much too generous flower arrangement.

Sweetheart, right? Wrong. Let’s just say that is not my hubby’s handwriting. And, while I know I’m the most special wife in the whole wide world, the “love of my life” was just a bit too much for me. I laughed out loud at work and, when one of my coworkers asked what was so funny, I read him “the love of my life” part.  He asked what my husband was going to think about that… joking that the flowers must be from a lover.

Of course my hubby, knowing he couldn’t do any better himself (not his thing), told them to write something sappy. I’ll give him a little credit for that much. It could’ve simply read “Love Steven”.

One another note -and I give him a lot of credit for this- together with the large vase of flowers was two smaller pink silk bouquets attached to it… for my girls. He knows a way to a mama’s heart, and of course my girls loved it too.

What do you think about it? Are you okay with someone else writing your man’s love letter?  If you’re a guy, would you steal someone else’s words to appease your woman?  Or do you think it’s sooo wrong in so many ways?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day!! J


  1. Since you asked – I think you are placing a little to much emphasis on the minutia and not enough on the actual action your husband took, sending you flowers with a campy note (and yes, it was written by someone else.) If you think about it, greeting cards are nothing but sappy notes written by someone else, and we sign our name on them, implying, “yeah – this is how I feel.”

    Give the guy the credit (and slack) he deserves.


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