OMG I Just Found My Book Cover!!!

Book Chaos

Book Chaos (Photo credit: Sharon Drummond)

I did it!! I bought my first book cover. I found it a few of days ago, premade, forgot to write down the website, then frantically searched the net for it again. I was so terrified it’d be taken that I immediately put it in my cart when I saw it was still available. Then I played around with it for like an hour to make sure the text for my book would work with the photo. It so does!! At last, I emailed the designer, hoping they can reproduce it for me.

I’m a little excited. Can you tell???

Of course, I had to get the approval first from my sister, then from the hubby… his was more agreeing to the cost than anything. He only asked where the naked woman was. Lol. I considered having a sexy couple on the cover, but when I saw this one I knew it was meant to be. This model could totally pass for the image I’ve created for my Edwin. Eeeeee!!!

Cover to follow… as soon as it’s in my hands, er… in my inbox!!  🙂


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