Primal – Part 2 of 2

Here’s part two of my book review of the PRIMAL novel, which is review of the third and fourth novellas therein by Lora Leigh and Jory Strong. For these two alone I give 5 stars!!  *****Primal

3.    ANGEL-CLAIMED by Jory Strong.

I got right into this story the second I started reading it. Jory Strong made it easy to understand the world they were living in and developed the world around you as you got to know the characters.

Sajia was a djinn and blood slave to a predominant vampire family. She was living every day like it could be her last, because it could be.

Addai, a dark angel, had been searching for her for over a thousand years and finally learns that they will be reunited soon. When Addai, white wings and all, insists to Sajia that she was his wife in a previous life and he’d done everything in his power to get her back, she can’t help but feel some inexplicable bond that they share.

Though she doesn’t remember their life together, she learns that he is no stranger, since he continually shares his memories of them making love, which usually involved her submissing.  She initially refuses to let him dominate her, until she can’t fight the urge to submit to him. When she finally gives in to his desirous demands -and lets him tie her up– it means so much more than super-hot domination. It means she trusts him.

Here’s a few lines to sum up the rebirth of their intimate relationship:

The deep craving for her willing submission gave him the strength to take a step backward and say, “You know what I want.  Lie down and position yourself so I can tether your wrists and ankles to the bed.” 

She was so wet, so needy that tears nearly leaked from the corners of her eyes.  He overpowered her with his beauty, with the depth of his desire for her.  Never would she have imagined complying so readily, so easily…

She didn’t know what to expect, only that she craved his attention.  Needed his touch as desperately as she needed air to live.

Note: That story is not one to be read while sitting next to your children. Just sayin’. But still, I enjoyed it.

4.    PRIMAL KISS by Lora Leigh.

There’s a reason why Lora Leigh’s name is so largely printed on this cover. Her story kicks ass. They totally saved the best for last.

The Kings PortraitYou haven’t known attraction and arousal until you’ve experienced the mating heat from Creed, a lion breed.  (This was my first breed novel, and while I was skeptical and a little shocked at times, it is definitely not my last.)

When Kita takes off from her secure homestead, to run from her father and her family troubles (her uncle was conducting research against the Breeds), her father’s body guard, Creed, takes off to retrieve her. He knows she doesn’t want to be found, but also warned her before she left that if she took off, he’d find her. He was prepared for it, having tracked the navigation in every vehicle she could have possibly taken and even tagging her wallet. Knowing her trip, thanks to her GPS, Creed takes a short cut to her hideaway in the forest. He beats her there, her being directionally challenged, and here’s what happened when she gets there.

“Did you have a nice drive?”

A screech erupted from her throat as her eyes flew open, her hands jerking, scrambling for the doorknob and managing to do no more than turn before he was suddenly there.  Kita cried out in shock as his hand flattened against the door, pushing it closed and pressing her against it.  Full body contact.

In the year he had been in her father’s employ, she had never felt the full effect of his hard, muscular body, or the heated warmth it generated… CENSORED

“Did you really think I’d let you get away so easily?” 

Dark, rough, so sexy she swore her knees weakened.  Kita swallowed tightly.  “How did you find me?”

“Maybe I’m just smarter than your average hired gun,” he drawled.

Kita felt her lips.   She hated it when that happened around him.  That need to be kissed.  It was so intense, an ache that quickly struck to other, much more sensitive areas. 

You’ll have to read for yourself if you want to know exactly just how intensely she was stricken by him. Warning… Hot Hot Hot!!!  But very satisfying. The ending I mean. 😉

Do you read Lora Leigh’s books? If so, could you share your fav title(s) with me so I can try another one of her novels on for size? Thanks!

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