TWISTED has finally been released!!!

Twisted by Christa Simpson.  Cover by Razzle Dazzle Design.I’m super excited to share that my debut romance novel TWISTED has been live for 24 hours now and has sold… please excuse me while I finish my happy dance… 53 copies on amazon!!!

And none of those copies were me.  Lol.  Or my family for that matter.  In fact, only one purchase was from Canada.  Thanks Brandi.  🙂

Why did none of my family buy one you ask?  I come from a Crackberry family… I’m the only one who’s upgraded to a Samsung GS3 phone but I still cling to my Blackberry Playbook as an ereader.  They’re all waiting for my Smashwords Edition to be released, which should be coming very soon.

So do you even buy your own book?  I was going to, just so I could double check for any formatting errors or typos I might have missed.

Then there’s the whole return thing.  How do you return an ebook exactly?  Just curious.  More suspicious than anything.

Thanks so much to everyone who purchased a copy of my book.  I hope you enjoy it!  And if you do, which I’m sure you will, please tell me what you liked.  Thanks!!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so now at the following links or online at your local amazon store.





  1. tell your family to get kindles!
    returning an ebook with amazon is easy as a click to return and a click for your reason. i just don’t know the timeline before that option is taken away.


    1. I think I’ll get my mom one for mother’s day lol. I actually have now been told that more Canadians had bought my book yesterday. I don’t know whether KDP reports a bit slower than real time or if it was possible for them to buy it from the US site. Who knows. As long as they got it. 🙂 Thx again Brandi. Hope you like it.


      1. You can buy from either site. I had an american account until they started selling ebooks on and then they asked me if I wanted to switch. I would check with the Canadian site because when I did a search it said the title was not available in my region or something but when I clicked on the title and the full page came up I was able to purchase it.


      2. I wondered how that works. Others were telling me they bought it from the US site but my phone only lets me buy books on the Canadian site. I guess it’s not that big of a concern… but thx for your input.


  2. Congrats Christa, so happy that you have achieved this dream & I am very proud to say that I loved the first book & can’t wait to read the other two…..Congrats again.


  3. Congrats!!! 🙂 I just bought your book. I don’t often do reviews because I’m just horrible at them, but I will rate it for you when I’m done reading! Looking forward to it!


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