Classroom Chaos

Classroom Chaos

This is a book review from my little sweet heart Jenica. She is 7 years old and just finished reading the novel Magic Kitten – Classroom Chaos.

There’s Classroom Chaos when fluffy black and white kitten Flame appears at lonely Abi’s boarding school!

“In the beginning, there was a mean girl named Keera at the boarding school and she had to share a room with Abi. Then Abi got put with a nicer girl named Sasha because Keera was being mean to her and doesn’t have anything in common with Abi. Now Keera got put with Tiwa and Marsha because they had lots of stuff in common. All three of those girls were mean. They said there was an old lady grey ghost, which was weird because ghosts aren’t real.

In the middle, Abi had to go to volleyball practice and she met a little cute kitten named Flame. Flame is actually a lion in his world and his powers make him look like a fluffy cute kitten. Sasha was at the practice cheering for Abi and Sasha helped Abi with her math. Sasha is very nice, but she doesn’t know about Flame because Flame is a secret boy kitten that only Abi knows about.

Ghost fear

Ghost fear (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

At the end, there was three boys throwing stones and sticks at Flame when he was climbing a tree and falling, because he wasn’t invisible anymore. Flame fell into Abi’s hands and Abi ran away from the boys. Keera stole some sweets from Mrs. Brown’s store. She was grounded by the head teacher.

At the very end, Keera and Abi became friends on their team and they hugged each other, but Flame had to go to his own lion world. In the lion world, his uncle is trying to kill him. And that’s all that happened. That’s the end of the story. It doesn’t tell you that much.”

She liked the story, except the part where Flame has to go home because that made her sad.  She was also stunned that the uncle was trying to kill Flame at the very end of the book, but that they don’t tell you anything else about it.  I explained to her that she’s reading a series and she’ll have to read the next book to learn what happens next.

I’m sorry, but I think this is just too cute.  She’s learning and having fun doing it!!  What do you think?

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