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I just got to a point while editing TWIST AND TURN, book two in The Twisted Trilogy, where a couple of reviews creeped into my head and tried to make me unbitchify Abby.  I could have cut the entire paragraph out…now, instead of editing this out, I’m leaving it in just to piss ’em off.  😉

To change Abby’s overdramatic sarcasm and bitchy persona is to change Abby.  Can’t do it.  Besides, I love her like that.  Do you think the world is full of all sweet, perfect, non-selfish people?  Puh-lease.  She’s real (in my own twisted little world).

Excerpt Follows: (FYI:  “I” is Abby.)

English: Photo of parking spaces in an America...

English: Photo of parking spaces in an American Parking lot in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I pulled into Aubrey’s lot and zoomed into the last visitor parking space, cutting off another car.  The driver was waving erratically at me and hollering in her car, though I couldn’t hear a word of it as I snickered to myself.  Today’s my day beoch.  Sorry ‘bout your luck.  I ignored her and rushed to the building’s entrance, quickly buzzing Aubrey’s apartment before the lady could catch up with me.”

Hah!!!  The joys of being able to do whatever you want in your own story.  That paragraph hasn’t even been edited yet, but I felt like sharing.

Enjoy the rest of your day!!  🙂


  1. Christa, I’m with you 100%- Abby, Aliah, Maddie, and all the players should stay as flawed or whatever as they are. Makes them REAL. I wasn’t looking to read a cake recipe and if anyone out there is, may I suggest the food and entertaining or perhaps the children’s fables sections of book store. But I digress, just a nug to let you know you’ve done well and stick to your guns don’t change a thing. Who’s writing book anyway?! And. P. S. Don’t like it the way it is- write your own damn book beoches!!! ; /


    1. Love that Cyndie. 🙂 Especially the part about the cake recipe. Hah! Couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, I thought that last line came straight out of my (er Abby’s) mouth. Thx for the encouragement.


  2. Personally, I love your characters. Truth is, life can be ugly and people can be bitchy or unpleasant or whatever…that’s REALITY. I don’t read most books to find perfect people who treat everybody nicely. Admittedly, most romances have people who are flawed but are genuinely nice…and sometimes, it CAN get old. I like real emotions. In all honesty, I can see a bit of ME in Abby because well, even if I’m ‘nice’ online I can be a real witch in ‘real life’ due to my social and emotional issues. Haha. I say poo to anyone who wants to put your characters down – I had NO problem with wanting to know what happens next! ^.^


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