My 30 Days Are Up!!

Holy crap guys, 99 people have added Twisted onto their Goodreads shelves!! One more makes 100. Can you help a sista out? 😉

Twisted by Christa Simpson.
Twisted by Christa Simpson.

Today marks the end of my 30 days since self-publishing my debut novel in The Twisted Trilogy and man am I floored by the response. 😀

Sure, there are mixed reviews, and I can handle that… because there are also some very awesome ones. I didn’t expect to put out a best-seller on my first try, but I also didn’t expect to sell this many copies in one month’s time either!!

Writing is a life long journey. You can only become better with every story that you create. I can already see progress being made with my plot development and editing skills after taking in everyone’s comments (yes, even the not-so-nice ones). They’ve all helped me to become a better writer.

I must say that, despite all of the advice to the contrary, putting my story out there – even without seeking help from an editor – was a smart move for me. Seeking out an affordable cover designer online was also just brilliant. Stock photos are your friend people. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get an excellent cover. And if you’re creatively challenged when it comes to cover design, then you should definitely leave it up to the professionals. I’m here to tell you though, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

I’m here to recommend that you self-publish, if that is what you want to do. Yes, the marketing aspect is time consuming, and it’s all up to you, but guess what? Even if you publish traditionally, you are not in the clear. That right, I said it. It’s up to you to make your book a success.

Here’s to hard work and future achievement.  Cheers!!

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