He Can Hold Me Captive Any Day

Captive at ChristmasSo I just finished reading ‘Captive at Christmas’ by Danielle Taylor.  I tell you, it doesn’t need to be Christmas time to read this steamy novella.

Summary:  Mac’s house is under renovation and so he’s staying at a quaint cabin for a few weeks until the work is complete. Little does he know that Hannah also booked the luxury cabin for that time. He seems to have serious trust issues and thinks she’s some kind of spy or assassin and in turn holds her captive on her two week vacation.

Log Cabin - Camp Petosega

Log Cabin – Camp Petosega (Photo credit: Odalaigh)

Though their relationship starts out with a gun to her head, Hannah seemed to be a rather willing victim and if you knew what this guy looked like, so would you. He is such a sexy bad ass that you can’t help but like him.Every time Mac lets her in a little, my heart squeezed for Hannah. Then when he finally touched her, it was so casual, but knowing his background and their predicament, it was so much more to her.

Captive | A

Captive | A (Photo credit: DavidR_)

Throw in a little unexpected gun play, their fierce attraction to each other and a few naughty sexcapades and this story has everything thing you could want in a romance. There’s even a couple of twists thrown in, that only add to the happy ever after.

I absolutely loved this story and totally recommend it to anyone who loves romance, erotica or reading in general. Seriously, it is very well written. I’ll read it again just to follow the flow of the words. This girl has got game. Check her out on Goodreads here. 😉


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