There’s A New Sheriff In Town

CO - Denver Sheriff Badge

CO – Denver Sheriff Badge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Woo hoo!! So I just finished edit number one of book two in The Twisted Trilogy. I’m really quite excited about it. Twist and Turn is well on its way to publication. And I love it!! I even managed to give it a happy-for-now ending. Oh, but just wait for book three!!

I almost want to keep on editing right into book three, A Twist of Fate, just so I can remember all of the crazy good scenes I had written. But I am determined to get one more round of editing out of the way for this book, so I can get it out to my beta readers.

For those of you who have read Twisted, you know it is largely about the relationship between Abigail and Edwin, entirely from Abigail’s perspective. In Twist and Turn I decided to mix it up. Oh, was that ever fun!!

In the Prologue, you see life from Tessa Clarke’s perspective. In another chapter you see it from Edwin’s perspective, and from another person, whom which will knock your socks off so I can’t tell you who. 😉

The rest of the story is again told by Abigail, in the first person, but it is now focused on her relationship with her new man, Cameron. I seriously can’t wait for you to meet him, to see what you think. Edwin certainly isn’t happy about him.  An excerpt of their meeting follows in my next post. 

For those of you who didn’t ‘get’ my title. Cameron is the ‘New Sheriff’ in town. 😉


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