Meet My New Man!!

A few suit mean in the city

A few suit mean in the city (Photo credit: Tymtoi)

You asked for it and here it is: a glimpse at Abigail and Cameron’s first meeting in book two of The Twisted Trilogy.

Rough exerpt from Twist and Turn:

I blasted through the vestibule and clambered into the lobby, reality slamming me flat in the face when I noticed a client lingering by the empty reception desk.

The man was facing away from me and yet still managed to exude such confidence. With his short, dark blonde hair, and the way he stood with his hands casually tucked in the pockets of his expensive, shiny black suit, I knew I had to approach him.

I only hoped that when I set eyes on him, his face would be as intriguing as the rest of the package. “Hi. Can I help you with something?” I blurted.

He spun around to face me and attacked me with his gorgeous features. I could not believe my eyeballs. His eyebrows hung low over his squinted sunset-shaped eyes. If eyes could smile, then his were beaming at me. Excitement instantly flooded me with the instant realization that Taylor, the receptionist, was nowhere to be found.

When he caught my dazed stare, he wrinkled his sexy forehead, raising his eyebrows and giving me a better look into those glimmering crystal eyes. Oh my God! If possible, this man just got cuter. 

I could have torn that face out of the nearest heartthrob magazine, just like I would like to tear that sexy suit off of him to see what he has hiding underneath it.

I fluttered my eyelashes, as he extended me his hand and I gently gripped it for a shake. When he smiled, our hands latched together and my knees grew weak. When he drew my hand to his lips, time stood still. He smoothly kissed the back of my hand and lowered it, my fingers lingering in his firm grasp.

Old fashioned. Ooh. I like that. “Can I help you?” I breathed. Oh shit! I just said that!

His gaze slipped up to my face and he struck me again with the most breathtaking blue eyes. When my lips parted, so I could gasp for air, his curled into a smile as glorious as his eyes.

“You already have. Cameron Clarke. Pleased to meet you.”

If you’ve made it this far reading, then I take it you were at least somewhat intrigued by their encounter. So did you like it? Tell me what you liked, what you didn’t, tell me how the weather is I don’t care. Just talk to me. 😉


  1. He sounds gorgeous, of course. Edwin will definitely be jealous!!! And p.s…in reference to a comment I read, I love the name Edwin for a man. Heck, I picked it for a historical novel I’m writing, because it was ‘popular’ at that time, haha. Cameron, Edwin…if they are hot, who cares what their name is? 😉


    1. Agreed. It is funny how reviewers will pick at something as simple as a name. I knew it wasn’t a common name when I picked it, but I also knew that you weren’t going to be reading about ‘Edwin’ in a hoard of other books either. I wanted to set my characters apart. I think I did that. Thanks for your comment. 🙂


  2. very good Christa, can’t wait to read more of Cameron now. I wasn’t too sure when you talked about his character coming into the book that I would like him but he sounds great….looking forward to reading the next installment more & more each time I read something or we talk about it. Can’t wait!


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