Five Fun Things About Me

So you may not know these five things about me, but Cassandra Janey and Papizilla seem to think you might care.  Let me tell you.

1.  I’m a romance writer who fell in love with her hubby at first sight (of his bulging biceps).  He seems to think there’s more to it than that.  We’ll just let him believe that.  Only teasing honey, you know I love you.  😉
I scrap booked him cuz I'm adorable like that.

That’s my hubby.  I scrapbooked him cuz I’m adorable like that.

2.  My cat’s name is Dashington but we call him Dashy.  At least that’s what I thought until yesterday.  My daughter informed me his middle name is actually Flower. Funny, that’s the middle name she gave our last cat too.  My hubs then informed me that his middle name can’t be Flower because it’s Dashington and his first name is Prince.  He’s saying we call our cat by his middle name??!!

I agree we named him after Prince Dashington the Zhu Zhu pet but never did I think his name was actually Prince.  Whatever.

3.  I’m a workaholic. Yep, that’s me.  I’m a full-time mom of two beautiful girls.  I work a 9 to 5 job, I chauffeur my kids around day and night and am a servant to my hubby (not in the submissive sense u dirty minded…) I own three rental properties that I bought with my own hard-earned credit lol which I manage with my hubby in our “free time”. I read and write because it’s cheap entertainment and because I can do it in comfort of my own home.

4.  I’m not actually the selfish bitch I might lead people to believe. I am number 3 on my list of important persons though; my girls being my number one and my hubs pulling in at number 2.  It’s true their happiness and comfort in life rank above my own.

Bicycle Race single cover art
Bicycle Race single cover art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
5.  My hubby likes fat bottomed girls.  Oh wait, this is supposed to be about me!!

I am a fat bottomed girl. 😉 

–> not that fat!!

How you like me now?

Tag… you’re it:

Hope y’all will share 5 fun facts about yourself.  It’s all in good fun. 🙂


    1. Lol. I thought that would make him happy… instead he’s like “that picture?”
      What? I love it. It may be a photo from “a few” years ago; maybe a lot closer to the day I fell for him. Lol. But he’s still a handsome fellow. 😉


  1. Thanks for tagging me!

    5 facts about me!

    1. Blogging for the first time ever, and opening up about my experiences!
    2. I live in NYC
    3. I speak 3 languages well and 2 so-so
    4. I’m camera-shy
    5. I really hope you guys come visit me at my page!


  2. Lol! If I could ‘like’ Tuan’s reply, I would!!!

    Great stuff 🙂 Thanks for sharing 😀

    LOVE the name Dashington for a cat! SO so so so cute. ;D


  3. You can tag me if you’d like (or anyone else) HOW do you write novels with so much on the go? I have three daughters, and I don’t work outside the home and am finding revising my 1st novel is taking FOREVER lol


    1. I typed this post in my kids dance waiting room and I edit on my lunch hours. My blogging and marketing happen while dinner’s cooking or after the kids and hubs hit the bed for the night. I wish I could devote more time to writing but for now it’s taking all I have to finish editing book 2 in my trilogy. Then there’s book 3. Ahhh!! There’s no rest for the wicked. 😉


      1. Meh we’ll sleep when we’re dead eh? My kids range from 5-15, so I have quite awhile before I can devote ALL my time to writing. I’ll make it work, though. I’m writing this as they do crafts on the table 😉


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