I’m Still Here :)

I’ve been really busy lately, but I’m still here, in case you started to worry. 😉

Just yesterday I finished my first edit of A Twist of Fate, book 3 in The Twisted Trilogy!!  Exciting, right?  I thought so too, until I got to my epilogue, which I came to realize was only a small collection of thoughts and not written out at all.  In other words, what I had planned out in my head, had never actually made it to paper and I found myself struggling to find the right words to make it as fabulous as I know it can be.  I was even satisfied with it all when I was done putting it to paper, except for one very important issue that has been gnawing away at my progress.

When it came to the final words of the hero, the winner of the love triangle, being the very last line of The Twisted Trilogy, he wouldn’t spit out the right thing!!  I’m even finding it difficult to get back to my imaginary movie theatre (aka dreamland) to find my muse and make him tell me the words he’s going to say.  I’m not a very patient girl. :/  I threw something together and it’s pretty good, but I refuse to settle for pretty good!!  This line has to been the best damn line he’s spewed throughout this entire story, if you ask me.  I want it to be everything.  I’m still working on that.

Anyways, so I tried to ask a good blogging friend of mine (Tanya – The Book Obsessed Momma) for help, and she did trigger some inspiration, but I refused to giveaway the ending to her (she didn’t want me to ruin it) and therefore none of her suggestions (even though they were awesome) would fit.  Boo.

On the matter of word count, some of you who follow me on Facebook may recall that I started out with a hefty 150,000 before I started editing.  Remind me to smack whoever’s idea it was to write freely and let the story do what it wanted.  Oh yeah, that was me.  Moving on… I set a goal to reduce the word count in this first round of editing.  Significantly.  I’m happy to report that I chopped it down to just under 120,000 words.  Yes, I actually cut 30,000 + words.  Woo!!!  I can’t believe it myself.  No worries though, those scenes have found a new home in my other 20ish WIPs. 😉

Considering the fact that the first two books in the trilogy are only 98,000 words each, I was hoping to get book 3 closer to that number.  Problem is, when I edit I typically end up adding rather than losing words.  I also have to add a couple of scenes to round out the plot.  I’m thinking about setting a reasonable goal: 120,000 words to completion.  Does that sound reasonable to you?

I plan to, at least at this point, split the book into 2 parts (in one novel).  There is a definite split in the storyline and I had already marked it as the end of part one.  It ended up landing at exactly 50% into the book.  Damn I’m good!!

If you’re wondering why such a heavy word count for a romance, let me tell you.  (You obviously haven’t read Twisted, for one.)  Being that this story is premised on a love triangle, there is a handful of characters and events that have to happen to satisfy readers, especially since I was so eager at the outset.  Don’t ask me what the hell I was thinking, clearly I wasn’t.  How do you feel about a romance being that long?  Too long?

I can assure my readers now that you will get all of your answers in this third and final book.  The secondary plot will come to a head and will only irritate the main plot further. **rubbing my hands together with a devious smirk on my face** Muahahahahaa!!  😀

That’s all I can say for now, but let me remind you why you love Edwin so much.  And if you haven’t already read Twisted, you should.  It’s a measly $0.99 and is available wherever e-books are sold!!  http://viewBook.at/Twisted

Twisted by Christa Simpson.  All rights reserved.


  1. I cant wait. Honestly I don’t think that is too long. I have read romance novels much longer. Its not how many words you write its how you tell the story. If it is a good story nobody will notice that its longer. (I know its going to be a great story.) Now I can’t wait to read book number 3. I loved book one and 2. Good luck and keep us posted.


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