A Twist of Fate Teaser – Woo Woo

***18+ Only PLEASE***

Edwin is back…

I OPENED MY EYES and stretched my arms out over my head, drawing in a long breath to relieve myself from my alarming dream, which I faintly recalled but desperately wanted to remember. I could hear running water and figured Edwin was in the shower. For that I was grateful. He had been the object of my dream that had left me breathless and overwhelmed with a fresh lack of clarity.

I squeezed my shut and strained to remember the dream that had felt so real only moments earlier. Bits and pieces started to come back to me in vivid colour.

Tropical waves crashed the white sand shore, the bright sunshine warming my skin while the fresh morning air teased through my hair. There were endless views of tree-covered mountains, ridiculously grand rocks and crystal blue waters. All that was fine and great, but what tripped me up was that Edwin was there with me. We were isolated on a secluded island and I was completely happy.

I wore nothing but flowered bikini bottoms. Edwin wore fitted, white swim trunks, that contrasted against his dark, tanned flesh. He pulled me into his arms and so tenderly kissed my exposed neck and chest. His hands gently cupped and caressed my breasts, leaving me aching with a need so deep I could feel it in my bones.

Every touch scorched my senses and I wasn’t hiding my attraction to him, running my fingers through his hair and digging my nails into his back as our kiss became more heated and necessary. Edwin lowered me onto a large, white lounger with an overhang that blocked our half-naked bodies from the harsh morning sunrays.

Edwin caressed my eyelids with kisses and slowly, thoroughly made his way down my body. His hand traced down and around my curves and when it dipped between my legs, my entire body shuddered. My eyes were still closed, my lips parted as I drew in a breath, just begging Edwin to carry on. Through half-closed lids I devoured him.

“What is it?” I breathed.

He smirked and I felt that smile everywhere. “Those aren’t going to get you knocked up,” he said, pointing at the moist scrap of fabric between my legs.

I smiled back. “Then maybe you’d better do something about that.”

Edwin obeyed, slipping off my bikini bottoms and stripping off his own shorts, leaving us wonderfully naked in each other’s arms. Edwin had every intention of giving me the child I had always dreamed of and he wouldn’t stop trying until I was impregnated. He hovered over me, his eyes gazing intently into mine as I directed him to where he needed to be.

He slowly eased inside me with a purpose. Needing more pressure, I arched my back and bucked against him, until he filled me with his hardness. His kiss softened my moan as he repeatedly worked himself deeper. He sucked on my neck and I moaned unreservedly, dazzled by the intense sensations racing through my body.

I tensed beneath him and began to climax, every muscle in my body twitching around Edwin as he prepared himself to detonate inside of me. With a final grunt of ecstasy, Edwin gave me what I wanted and I screamed out in outrageous pleasure.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes, panting this time; and there I was, in bed, caught in a whirlwind of sexual anguish and mental torment. I sat up, my nipples taut, straining against my shirt, only to find Edwin walking up to me wearing nothing but a small towel draped across his hips.

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