Movie Review: This Means War (2012)

I finally buckled down and bought Netflix and boy was I pleasantly surprised to find this movie.

Here are three reasons why you might like it too (or maybe not). 😉

     A.  CIA is hot;

     B.  Tom Hardy is hot;

     3.  Chris Pine is hot (especially when he’s hugging it out with Tom Hardy).

My Review:

This movie had action, comedy and romance; a perfect combination. If you’re wondering where the war part comes in, it has to do with the love triangle. Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) has a best friend who thinks she needs to lighten up and date more often, so she posts her raunchy college photos on an online dating site. Lauren gets lots of hits, but refuses to use the site.  As she goes to shut the laptop down, one guy catches her attention. The sexy CIA agent, Tuck (Tom Hardy), who claims to be a boring travel agent, goes for coffee with her.  His best buddy, FDR (Chris Pine), who is also CIA, hangs out nearby to save him if it doesn’t go well. After getting the go ahead to leave, since everything is going just great, FDR scopes out the ladies at the movie store around the corner. Little does he know that Tuck’s girl has headed straight there after their coffee date.

Lauren meets FDR there and gets his angle immediately. She basically tells him off, which only intrigues him more. It turns into a game that he sets out to win – her heart. The short of it is, both CIA operatives fall head over heels for the girl and it isn’t long before they learn that they are both swooning over the same girl. They decide to make a gentleman’s agreement and shake on it. They leave it up to fate, bring out their A game and let the girl choose who she likes (without telling her that they know each other). Of course Lauren’s married friend, who is living vicariously through her, encourages her to try out both men. Lauren ends up liking each of them equally.

I must say, I loved Tom Hardy. He is hot, as I told you above, but he’s also sweet and has an accent to die for. I was seriously swooning the entire movie, just ask my hubby. Then there was Chris, the guy you love to hate. I didn’t want Lauren to like him, but he was like the bad boy that you just can’t resist. And he’s not-so-bad looking himself.

The comedy comes into play when the two men enlist the resources of the CIA to learn everything about the girl, in an attempt to one-up each other. It really gets ridiculously stupid and I loved it. My favourite part, though, had to be when they were bugging her house and listened in on her chat with her married friend. The guys learned things that she did and didn’t like about them. Since Tuck hears that she thinks he’s a little too “safe”, he decides to take her paintballing to show her how dangerous he can be. Being that he is secretly CIA, he ends up shooting down every kid and adult in the place, acting like it was a serious takedown. The rest of the kids were hiding from him and start screaming in terror when he finds them in a wooden hideout. Lol. When Tuck was all stealthy like that, it was really hot. Just saying.

All the while the men are in the middle of a covert operation, and end up killing someone important, so the dead guy’s brother is out to settle the score, which means both of their lives are at risk. In the end, after a hit of action, I must warn you that she actually chooses a man. I was finding it difficult to see how she could split the guys up by ripping out one of their hearts, but she does. And she didn’t pick my guy. L They do all end up getting their own happing ending of the sort, so I couldn’t stay too upset.

The comedy continues right through to the credits and that was great. For all of the above reasons I am giving it FIVE STARS!!! Loved this movie… even if it was a little slutty, it was entertaining and surprised me with the constant twists. If you think you might enjoy a romantic comedy with a hit of action, you should definitely give it a watch.

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