How Romantic?!

So here we are…  Valentine’s Day.  A day of love, lust and longing.  A day of jealousy, distraction and envy.  Which side of the boat are you sitting on today?

This may or may not make you feel any better about that.  It’s Valentine’s day.  It’s Friday.  My husband works every Friday night.  Of course, Valentine’s day is not a real holiday, so we don’t actually get to take the day off, and I’m not even sure that the hubby would were it an optional thing.  Money over matter.  Isn’t that how the saying goes?  😉

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Anyways, when I’m done work at 5:00, I won’t be going home to do myself up in anticipation of my hot date tonight.  I won’t be looking extraordinarily fabulous, so I can go out with my friends and act like I’m absolutely wonderful on my own.  In fact, when my hubby gets home, I’ll probably have already slipped into something a little more comfortable.  By comfortable, I mean the fuzzy, super warm pjs my mom got me for Christmas.  Nothing sexy about them… unless you think powder blue plaid is sexy.  Bahaha.  If you do, then you have other issues.

Oh, great. Now I’m starting to feel bad for my hubby. How the hell did that happen? Should I really rethink my choice of pajamas? It’s not that I don’t have a lovely hoard of silky, lacy things that leave nothing to the imagination. But I’m not the 20 year old, hot little thing I once was, and my hubby is not the buff, mysterious, sex machine he was when I met him.

In fact, here’s how my night will go. I like to call it “my reality”. Tonight I will be picking up my two kids from daycare.  There will probably be a fight over who carries the snow pants into the house.  Or maybe we’ll just skip that argument and head straight to the restaurant, where we’ll meet their grandma for a romantic dinner for four.  After that, we’ll call it an early night, go home and sort through the backpacks.  Homework.  Clean house.  Probably a little laundry.  Look at the mess of Valentine’s that the girls will bring home and the junk that will clutter my  house for the next week, until I can sneakily toss it all into the garbage without them noticing.  Sound exciting to you?  This is my life.  Oh yes, I almost forgot, I’m an author.  Somewhere in between there I’ll try to drop a promo post or two, and chat with my friends online about this or that.  Cell phones have become handy that way.

Shit.  I almost forgot.  I have a release party to attend… er host, I suppose, since it’s my own!!  That ruins everything! I guess that may or may not happen sometime after 7:00. Honestly, I’m still coming down from the cover reveal.  And I now realize (and totally forgot) that Friday night is my grocery night.  That’s it.  I’m screwed.  Now my Saturday turns into grocery day, breaking into my laundry time.  There is seriously not enough time in the day. Valentine’s day.  HAH!!

Since my day is going to be a lovely waste, let me help out the gentlemen who have managed to make it this far into my post. If you have a wife, girlfriend, significant other or single neighbour who you secretly have a crush on, get them a gift. Don’t take their word for it when they say it’s okay if you don’t get them anything. Get them something!! Trust me!! I know these things!!

I can guarantee you this. You will not be getting any tonight if you decide to listen to her false suggestions and leave her without flowers and chocolate and a lovely card or something to tell her how much you love her, even if Valentine’s day makes you sick and the two of you have a mutual agreement to ignore the holiday altogether. How would you feel if all your coworkers received a fabulous gift that shows how amazing their relationship is, and you get a big fat nothing in comparison? Yeah. That’s what I thought. Do it!! Go now! It’s not too late.

If you are that lovely neighbour, strapped down momma, or just the one that prefers to hang low and stay in, why don’t you invest in a steamy romance novella? Finding Destiny is a sexy Valentine’s day romance. Neither Skylar nor Destiny are looking for love. Neither of them care for Valentine’s day. But I can assure you that their weekend snowed-in together will serve to entertain, distract and please your weary heart. 😀

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