What’s next for me?

Okay,box of twisted I give up.  Apparently WordPress doesn’t want me to write to you at this hour, because it has officially not saved three versions of this one blog post. Annoying!! And my first two posts were really good too.  I’m not trying again.  Funny, this dumb post saved just fine.  Since I’m not going to dwell on it, here goes.  Twisted is in print. Woot!! Look at the box of pretties I received today!!  $12 USD plus shipping for an autographed copy.  Payment will be accepted via PayPal.  I hope to get some sort of PayPal button or something soon, but until then you can reach me via Facebook message, Twitter, or by commenting on this post with your email address.

Twist and Turn is in the proofing process and I’m hoping to have it approved for print in a matter of weeks too!

Oh, right. I wanted to tell you that I’ve been hanging out on Google+ more and more lately, and there are nothing but good vibes going on over there.  Join me?  If you haven’t already added my author page to your circles, please do so!  Here’s my personal one if you want to be my friend. 😀  http://plus.google.com/+christasimpson 

So… what’s next for me, huh?  You’ll be happy to hear I’ve finally sat down to edit book four in the Twisted series, JUST RIGHT, and man am I excited to share another excerpt with you!!  No more procrastinating!  It’s coming soon. Promise. 🙂in jeans

Harley is one sexy dude who rides a motorcycle and drives Aliah wild.  Aliah, if you remember her from The Twisted Trilogy, is not about to sit back and take any shit from him.  These two make fireworks together, believe you me.  Teaser to come.

Till then, hugs!!



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