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My girls play a BIG part in my life. Although I don’t talk about them too often on here, today is going to be one HUGE exception! Can I just say how proud I am of them? They’ve inspired me to write this post tonight. Both of them came home with a spelling test and each had earned a perfect score! When I asked the oldest how the rest of her grade 4 class did, she reluctantly admitted that most did significantly worse than her. Look at those words… there are some tough ones in there!

Then there’s my youngest. She’s in the bottom grade of a grade 2/3 split class. She tried the optional bonus word (for the grade 3’s in her class) and even got that correct! I was so happy I did up a little photo to show you. 😀 😀

I have to believe that their success stems from our love of reading. In our house, when we get home from work/day care, we sit down and do homework. Every night that includes at least 20 minutes of reading. At one time, I was reading to/with them every night, but now that they’re both into novels, they read on their own. I’m always available to help them pronounce a new word and I encourage them to come to me with them. My little one (although she might not look so little anymore) still likes me to read her an occasional bed time story. Here’s a cute bed time story by Linda Flay, a local author we met at a signing last year. I’ve attached my review from #Goodreads, if you’re interested in having a look.


At one time my oldest daughter, Jenica, was quite willing to read every night, although friends are starting to turn into a higher priority these days. My youngest, however, has become rather obsessed with reading lately. Now that she’s in grade two, her teacher tallies up their monthly reading and gives them a bead for every 100 minutes read. Amber is convinced that she has to read her heart out to earn those beads for her necklace. On the first night of their reading program, she took home a book from the level selected by her teacher. I’ve never seen her cry so hard. It had only taken her seven minutes to finish the story, when they were supposed to read for 15-20 minutes. I had to laugh. Poor girl. We eventually agreed that she would ask her teacher if she could pick a story from the chapter books next time.

I have to tell you, in case you have eager little readers in your house, that Amberly’s favourite series by far is the Junie B. Jones novels. Junie B. First Grader Aloha-ha-ha by Barbara Park is her new favourite book. If you have a child starting into chapter books, you should give these silly stories a look.


Ooh, I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you! My girls have been so inspired by momma’s writing that they’ve decided to take up the creative journey themselves. Thanks to Black Widow Publishing, my daughters are now published authors! They’ve collaborated to publish under the pen name Author J.A. Sparkle! Check it out!

Super Pepper To The Rescue!

When Lilyanna decides to face her fear of the dark in the spooky forest, she doesn’t expect to get lost. But when she does, her cuddly kitty with super powers comes to her rescue.

Super Pepper to the Rescue is a magical little tale that will make you smile and have your kids asking you to read it over and over again.


I must say, the day I came home to tell Jenica that her first published story became a Canadian Best Seller was such a great feeling! She was so proud and so was I. Imagine what it would feel like for her to see HER STORY sitting right next to Splat the Cat!

I write because I like to write. You read because you like to read. Why not pass that on to our kids?! I don’t care what format you’ve got them reading, e-books, paperbacks, it’s all the same in my world. But who’s going to put those stories into the children’s hands if not you?

I truly believe that there is a book out there for everyone. If your kid doesn’t enjoy a story, don’t make them read it! Find them another – and another – and another – until they find something they like. And I don’t want to hear no complaining about the expense of books. There are many affordable ones on Amazon and if you’re not looking to spend a dime, your local library is filled with books that will last a kid a lifetime of reading – FOR FREE!

Do you and your children a favour! While you’re picking up a book for them, grab one for yourself. Don’t just tell them how great it is for them to read, SHOW THEM!

Prove to them: READING IS FUN!!


I’d love to hear from parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts or uncles. What stories are your little ones reading and enjoying this year? Are you a children’s author? Drop your link in the comments! My daughters and I love trying out new authors and we’re happy to leave reviews if the book fits! 🙂


  1. No doubt their success is because of reading. I read to my kids every night before going to bed, in turn, they grew up loving reading. Words have such a magical influence on a child’s life that we don’t realize it until later in life when they’re speaking how profound their thoughts have become!

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    1. This is so true. I’m sure it boosts their confidence in the classroom, which positively affects their grades and, in turn, self-worth. I agree that fostering the love of reading in the home at a young age is paramount.


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