Movie Review: Despicable Me 2

MY REVIEW:despicable me 2

Despicable Me 2 is a feel good movie for the whole family that will have you smiling and laughing throughout. Everyone will find satisfaction in the happy ending. Love this movie! I highly recommend you watch it at any age! Everyone needs a little minion humour in their life. 😉

If you’ve watched and enjoyed the first Despicable Me, then you will appreciate the follow up movie for sure. You grow to love Gru in Despicable Me, when he takes in three orphan girls, at first for his own evil master planning, but in the end he falls in love with the girls and keeps them as his own. WARNING: SPOILERS FOLLOW… but, even if you read this review, you will still enjoy this movie. 🙂

In Despicable Me 2, Gru become kind of a softy after becoming a single parent to three girls. He even dresses up as a princess for one of the girl’s birthday parties, when the paid-princess is a no show. Can we give a group awwwwww?! Shortly thereafter Gru is recruited by a secret agency to figure out who stole a special government station that is home to a dangerous concoction. When Gru takes the job, he’s placed with a quirky female agent who is humorous, sweet and stealthy. Lipstick taser! <- My favourite part right there. 😀

He’s given up the evil crime business and is now in the process of making jams and jellies, which taste horrendous, but end up saving their butts in the end from psycho minions set off on the world by a criminal mastermind addicted to world domination. Wow, I managed to get that out without even taking a breath. 😉

Meanwhile, on the home front, Gru’s girls are having issues of their own. The oldest is starting to take an interest in boys. Gru doesn’t like that very much. Then there’s the youngest who is upset because she has to perform for a mother’s day show, but she doesn’t have a mother so her delivery is pretty sad.

I love how they throw in a dash of romance, both heartbreak for Gru’s oldest daughter and then of course a slow falling-in-love thing for Gru who finally gets his HEA. I am hopeful that others will recognize the importance of the family unit, even if it is not a blood relation, which seems to occur more and more these days.
What do I take away from this movie?

Never give up on love.

My opinion: a must watch for the entire family. If you already have watched it, what did you think of the movie?

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