Book Review: Granted Wishes by Tanya Vought

Something magical is happening in New Hope…

Granted Wishes was unlike any other story I’ve read before. The characters are quirky, sweet, determined, stubborn at times, but truly likeable and overall good people who have been dealt a raw deal in life. Gracelynn is worn down from the loss of her husband and it seems no amount of time will heal her broken heart. She still manages to be one spunky gal, who happens to be really good at getting Gio’s boxers in a bunch. When an accident leaves her stranded at his cabin, she has to be careful what she wishes for. Red hair beauty Beautiful young red hair woman holding her hand

Giovanni, a handsome, protective business man, has his own skeletons that keep him from moving on, but he is determined to show Gracelynn that she can be happy again. The attraction between them is apparent, even though they take their time getting to know each other, which only makes it that much more special when they solidify their relationship and express their love for one another.

Here’s just one of the lines that makes you swoon for Giovanni:

“You’re a wonderful, remarkable, beautiful woman. I’m jealous that Angelo had you. I’m jealous of the life you led, the love you shared and the memories you will forever have.”

Cleverly crafted, loveable characters with heart and hope make this debut release an inspirational read that will have you believing you can find a second true love in this one lifetime.

5 stars


    1. It’s not available until February. I received an ARC from the author who is a good friend of mine. I might be able to hook you up if you give me your address! Otherwise, I’ll post the links when her book goes live! 🙂


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