Romantic or perverted?

I wanted to drop in to let you know I’ve been working on something totally new, crazy and amazing. I’m not ready to spill the beans just yet, until the entire story is outlined, but I believe it already sits at 12,000 words and I’ve only just begun!

I’ll give you a hint: I’m world building right now!!

Let’s just say, what started out as a Young Adult idea has quickly turned into a unique book for adults only! I’ve already apologized to my daughter for cancelling her out of the readership. 😀


I have the rough draft of the book cover in my hands and I think I’m in love. My working title is LOST IN YOU. My husband thinks that sounds perverted. Hah! I thought it was romantic!  Your thoughts?

Please weigh in!!


  1. Agree with Lisa M, It really depends on the readers personality, the shy and retiring may think that it verges on erotica, while those with a more outgoing nature could find such titillating or simply romantic.
    Without any detail it is difficult to give a clearer answer than this.

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  2. Thanks for the input, Paul. I was going for simply romatic, but my cover might very well push those balancing between the two into the erotic category.

    I’m afraid as soon as you throw a shirtless man into the mix, retiring folk tend to start pointing fingers or look the other way (really quickly) as if it’s porn I’m selling. I write romance . . . sex is an important part of that, and happens to sell books rather effectively, if done right. I believe the right combination of both makes for the best story. I just hope readers can see past a dirty mind and pick up the whirlwind romance perspective in the title. I guess each person will see it differently.


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