Name that beater!

This post will totally show my age, but oh well. Can you guess what I’m talking about here?

girl fixing car engine

I always check my engine wearing a mini dress and four-inch heels. 😛

A Beater . . .

The following definition, which I found on, is close enough. The next best one was, “A $50 car.” I would say a $500 car fits the bill too, because I don’t think you’ll find too many $50 cars driving down the street, or maybe I’m not paying close enough attention???beater definition via Urban Dictionary

You’re probably still wondering what the heck I’m getting at. Allow me to get to the point.

I’m editing a book that starts with college-aged characters who are putting themselves through school. This point in the story is fairly short-lived, but while revisiting my manuscript on paper, I’ve decided I need to name the beater my dude is driving–and I’m not talking about calling it Bertha.

This is the part that’s scary!

I can’t, for the life of me, name what beater–or shall I say “affordable”– cars kids are driving to college these days. I’ve been out of college long enough now that the cars from my time have been long discontinued. Both my husband and I each drove a fabulous, and yet reliable, Ford Tempo throughout our post-secondary years, thanks to having to pay for our own vehicles and put ourselves through college.

I DO NOT want my contemporary story to be outdated, and so I would love to enlist your help!

Young child holding stack of books and back to school written on

Are you in college now, struggling to get by? Do you have a friend that drives a really “sweet ride” that matches this description? Maybe you have teenagers or grandchildren who you don’t want driving your car, so you’ve invested in a good old…


Thank you in advance for your help! As a side note, I’d love to know what you drove to school in your day. 🙂

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