How To Find Your Address on Amazon

Amazon author central profile for Christa SimpsonI can’t tell you how many times readers have told me they don’t have a address. I’m here to tell you now:

If you read on the Kindle app, you have a address.

Here are directions to help you find your address on Amazon and show you how to receive an e-book directly onto your Kindle reading device, or any other device with the Kindle app. There is one exception, and you can scroll to the bottom to see what that is. Okay! Let’s get to it, shall we?

First off, you need to log in to your Amazon account where you buy all your books. I’m in Canada, so I typed “” in the address bar of Internet Explorer and then logged in on Amazon as usual.

In the upper right corner, point your cursor over the spot where mine reads, “Hello Christa. Your Account” and select “Manage Your Content and Devices“.

manage your content and devices on amazon.png

Next, you want to select “Settings“, which you’ll find to the right of “Your Content” and “Your Devices”, below the heading “Manage Your Content and Devices”.

Settings - to manage your kindle on amazon

Scroll down to where it says “Personal Document Settings“. Check your “Send-to-Kindle E-mail Settings” to locate the email address related to your kindle account. Select “Edit” if you’d like to change or shorten your address.

personal document settings on amazon

And that’s it! Easy enough, right?

Now, authors, when someone tells you they don’t have a address, you can explain to them how to find it! Feel free to refer your friends, family or fans to this post to save you the trouble. If you’re a reader, you should be able to easily locate your own address for receiving e-books directly from your favourite authors and/or publishers. Ooh! One last thing!

Don’t forget to add the publisher to your list of approved senders!

In that same settings section, farther down on the page, select “add a new approved e-mail address” and insert the email address of the person sending you the book. In case you were wondering, this step has been put in place to prevent people from spamming your kindle. Thank you, Amazon!

add a new approved email address

AUTHORS: Sending your book files to readers via Kindle is a great way to prevent and deter piracy of your e-books. It sure beats sending a mobi or pdf file to an email address, which file is easily forwarded to friends, family and potentially e-book pirates. Do yourself a favour! Use this method now and save yourself the headaches later.

Alternately, you can gift your book to readers on, which will in turn help your rank. I, myself, haven’t been able to do this due to the limitations thrust upon me by, but it is a brilliant tactic being used by many authors in the U.S. on

READERS: THE ONLY exception to this process, I am told, is for those reading solely on a desktop. In that case, since you’re only reading online, you do not have a device to send the document to. I have a laptop running Windows 8 and can confirm it too has its own kindle address. That kindle address does not show in my samples above because I have both an and an account, which is turning out to be a major fiasco that I’ll have to tell you about another time. The short of it is, when I got an Android phone, I was required to set up an account in order to use the Kindle app. Hope this answers your concerns!

Was this post helpful to you? Is there anything else you’d like to see on my blog? Tell me about it in the comments!




  1. actually unless you have a tablet or a phone that has a kindle base type of app then yes you do . but if all you use is a computer then no you don’t have a i even asked amazon themselves when i was told i had one then they told me no i don’t only way one will have a address is unless they own a kindle , tablet or a cell phone that is enabled to use kindle base books then no . so i do know for the longest time i never had a tablet and never read on one always read on my comp due to the fact i can read easier on my comp than any other device do i have a tablet now yes can i use my kindle part no due to shortage of data since i can’t move my data on my sd card have very minimal data to rad at all on the device prefer my comp over my tablet .

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    1. Hi Stacey. I appreciate your input and have included the exception in my post. I’d say 99.9% of the time, after explaining this process to my readers, they have been able to locate their kindle address. You’re my only ARC reader who reads on a desktop and I’ve only once run into a person who won a Kindle copy of my book and refused to look up their address! I expect, if that reader had followed this process, they too would have located their address. Thanks again for commenting!


      1. I’ve fallowed your directions. It does show my android phone and old tablet I no longer use. It does not show my PC email address for kindle. It does show that my default devise for kindle is my PC but doesn’t list an email address to send to it. If you know a way I would appreciate it. I’m thinking on tell my one ARC author to drop me from the list. I really don’t like reading a full book on my phone.


      2. Hi Inger. Unfortunately, as Stacey advised in her comment, Amazon has advised her that desktops are not able to have a address. I wonder, though, if you have the book sent to another device, if it will be available on your account and allow you to download it from there. It’s worth a try!


  2. I have a kindle fire device and i have an email id given to me at the time of purchase and registeration. But I wish to create a new mail id with @kindle. com and to change my kindle mail id to that newly created mail id. Pl help me to create a new mail id for kindlevand change my present mail id to the new one.


    1. If you follow the instructions in this post, you should be able to edit your kindle address under manage devices. You can name it whatever you like (unless the name is already taken)! 🙂


  3. Kindle is withholdng my royalties for over a year now. All because I tried to change bank accounts, and wasn’t successful. I tried to do so via my e-mail, but it would not go through. I need to speak to an actual HUMAN BEING, to straighten out my account.


    1. This post is to help readers finding their address to receive books in their Kindle app. As an author, maybe you can reach someone by selecting the “help” function in your KDP dashboard. Good luck with it!


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