777 Writers’ Challenge – Authors: I Dare You to Share Yours

Playing House - TEASERFinlay is very pleased with himself. That grin disgusts me. The man I love is completely taken by the way he hurts me. It’s like a drug that feeds his mental illness, at times when he’s unsure of himself. It’s not healthy for him and it’s life threatening for me. 

“That was good, baby,” he tells me, as if I should agree with him.

I want to drop onto the shabby carpet and beg for him to stop this.


I got to it right away for you. This is my post for the 777 Writers’ Challenge. I’ve shared 7 lines, starting on page 7, at line 7 of my current Work In Progress, Playing House, A Black Widow Novel.

In case you are wondering what was going on up there…

Clarisse Blackwell, my MC, is talking about violent sex. Finlay is always pushing her boundaries and this time he nearly suffocates her. She’s come to find that her boyfriend is not right in the head and what he’s doing is wrong, but… she’s in loveAll this history–the mind games, the trauma–is what drives Clarisse’s behaviour in the rest of the novel.

062715_2003_THISorTHATw2.jpgPlaying House, Part One in the Black Widow Serials, will not be the usual breezy romance you might have come to expect from me, but you shall be entertained. You may enjoy this story if you can handle a gritty storyline, with dark romantic elements and mentally unstable, salt of the earth kinds of characters. The story will be rightfully categorized as an erotic thriller.

This book is an all new brand of twisted—even for me! 😉
Enter At Your Own Risk Yellow Caution Tape

Naked Young Male Bodybuilder Holding Blank BoardI want to tell you where the idea for this post originated. The lovely Brittney Sagin (<- please visit her page->) and Tanya Vought challenged me to post certain lines in my WIP, so this is all you get for now, but you better believe more will be coming soon! My newsletter subscribers will be getting first dibs on reading this story, even before it releases. Please join up if that interests you!

Now, to challenge another seven writers… I dare you to share your work in progress with me and keep the chain going. Why stop at seven nominees? Here are ten! 🙂

READERS: Are these new-to-you authors? There’s something here for everyone! Pay the nominees a visit and see what they’re working on!

AUTHORS: I dare you to share yours!

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