December Free For All

☆҉➹☆Check out the December FREE for All & Giveaway! ☆҉➹☆

This month 55 romance authors have gotten together–myself included–to bring you this amazing giveaway. We are offering you lots and lots of free e-books. Many of them are FREE for a limited time, so go see if there’s something there that interests you!

Don’t need anymore freebies for your overloaded kindle? You’re in luck. Us authors have pooled our funds to offer an awesome giveaway! Enter to WIN A KINDLE and Amazon Gift Cards just for subscribing to our newsletters or following us on social media.

This month a simple LIKE on my Facebook page will get you an entry to win. Already LIKE my page? Go get your free entry!

You’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the FREE FOR ALL page to find the giveaway, and you have to enter if you want to win.

An Amazon Gift Card would sure come in handy at this time of year. And who doesn’t love the idea of winning a Kindle?! 


If you’re enjoying my stories and want a taste of my next erotic tale, please sign-up here and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!


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