Game of Thrones: Season One


This is a movie review and may contain spoilers. If you haven’t yet completed watching Season One of the Game of Thrones, you may not wish to read on.

My favorite character seemed to change from one scene to the next. I found myself thinking, there’s no way he’s going to be killed off so soon, but then he was. In fact, the main character deaths piled up so quickly, my jaw was on the floor and I started fearing how long my new favorite could possibly last.

What/who I liked:2018-01-01.png

  • The Stark children, a proud, honourable bunch. I tended to enjoy following along with them. Watching them in their discovery of why Bran Stark, both curious and adventurous, was thrown from the tower. I appreciated his journey after he became paralyzed.
  • Ariya Stark‘s brazen attitude. Girl power and independence, I suppose you would call it. Good stuff.
  • Poor Sansa Stark. She seems to be getting everything she wanted, then it was ripped out from beneath her in the most vile and disturbing of ways.
  • I’d like to include Jon Snow with the Stark children. Being known as the bastard son, he was the underdog, but still wore his honour like a badge as a man of the Night’s Watch. He was just as handsome and skilled as Robert. I liked them both.
  • My appreciation of Robb Stark grew stronger as his victories piled up. He never chose war, but he knew it was the only way. I respected his leadership.


  • Tyrion Lannister made for good comedic relief. He was a funny guy, dubbed the Imp due to his small stature, but he was raised as royalty, stood by his word, was intelligent and sharp as a whip. He would be the only Lannister that made this list.


  • 2018-01-01 (4)Khal Drogo was one of my top picks for obvious reasons. He’s a ruthless warrior who’s never been defeated, a savage, the epitome of strength and protection. Look at him. He’s huge. With all that muscle, there’s an aura surrounding him. Confidence, is it? It’s hot AF. He doesn’t even speak English and I think that adds to his mysterious appeal.


  • Khaleesi was fascinating. I loved her transition with the Dothraki tribe. She earned her title and accepted many of their traditions until her husband proclaimed “he’d rape all their women.” Haha. I was offended too. It was her own doing and ultimately, after turning to witchcraft, led to a tragic ending.


What/who I didn’t like:

  • King Robert Baratheon is a gluttonous, alcoholic slob, who cheats on his wife with a different whore (or shall we say whores) on a regular basis and flaunts it in front of his men.
  • Queen Cersei Lannister was rotten to the core. It was both ironic and amusing when she was so surprised that her son was possibly nastier than her.
  • Prince Joffrey Baratheon is delightfully evil. His confidence and cruelty were both shocking and sickening, but it made for good television.
  • Something that bothered me from time to time (as a mother) is the constant explicit nature of the content. Yes, I enjoy a good horror movie and yes, I’m an erotic romance author, but I felt like I had to hang onto the volume control because there was no saying when they’d start slaughtering or screwing again, and let’s just say they are very vocal about both of these things. There’s a lot of sex and nakedness, and it could be quite hot on that scale at times, so, if you’re not looking for that kind of entertainment, you might want to look elsewhere.


The Wrap Up

Overall, I’d say season one was a hit. Shocking revelations. Dishonorable deaths. Revenge and great anticipation of what’s to come. I look forward to continuing with season two.


Have you watched the Game of Thrones? What are your thoughts?


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