Writing is Art, right?!

It sounds like everyone had a great time at Tilbury’s Annual Art in the Park this year. I know I did. I even treated myself to a bowl of black cherry ice cream. Ice cream on super hot day. Yum!

We, at Black Widow Publishing, among 125+ other creative Artisan vendors, set up our tents and tables for 2 days of fun in the sun in the beautiful Odette Park in Tilbury, Ontario. My tables were filled with paperback novels, wrapped mystery books, magnets, teasers and of course a wonderful giveaway.

Scroll down for more pics of me and my author table, to hear about the fun we had at my table, or to watch my video announcement!

For fun, and because I know some people are a bit shy about my bare-chested book covers, I wrapped up all the single titles and firsts in the series for a fun game of blind date with a book. Have you heard of it? What a great idea. Readers really had a lot of fun with it, and a few daring readers took a chance on a book based on the keywords that I provided. Way to go ladies for being so bold!

The kids especially loved the hunt for #TilburyRocks scattered through the park. That was free of charge. What wasn’t free was the large glass swan my daughter purchased from one of the vendors. My mother picked up some chewlerry for my sweet little nephew and my hubby picked up some candied almonds and a yarn mouse filled with cap nip for my kitties. After buying lunch (for them only, because I packed one), I wonder whether I profited from this event. Lol.

No doubt, I sold lots of books, and I appreciate those who came back out on day two to tell me how much they were enjoying the books they purchased!

To my pleasure, it was the follow-up messages mere days after the show that had me excited to get writing again. I’ve had five follow-up paperback sales of the trilogy since returning home on Sunday. Five! Proof that word of mouth is everything for authors.

This is me in action. 😄

Thanks to everyone who helped share the word. ❤

#aiptilbury2018 @ Tilbury Memorial Park

As promised, I’ve randomly selected the winner of the Twisted paperback. The giveaway winner was selected from my new newsletter subscribers from the Tilbury Art in the Park weekend.


If you wonder why I’m so surprised about the name of the winner, she was one of the ladies who came back for more after the event. Now she’ll have a complete set of the Twisted Series!

Fun fact: Playing House, my dark thriller, was my best selling paperback this weekend, even with the friendly warning that book two in the duet isn’t published yet!

What do you think about having a blind date with a book?

What else have you seen at an author’s table that you couldn’t resist?

Talk to me in the comments!

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