Not a HORROR. The horror!

Was this book well-written? Of course it was. Hello… Stephen King. What I wasn’t expecting from King was a heart-warming, small town drama.

Elevation by Stephen King has been categorized by the publisher as a supernatural thriller, under both literary and suspense sub-categories… so just don’t go in expecting a horror story, as I did. A horror, it was not.

This book is best described as unusual. The premise of the story aroused my curiosity. The idea that you could continuously lose weight, while being filled with energy and enthusiasm for life, intrigued me. I never lost interest in the storyline, clinging on for day ZERO, but, in the end, this novella felt like chapter one of a King novel. It was a super short read, which is great–time is valuable!!–but it also fell short of amazing for me.

Reviews seemed to be mixed for this one. I’d love to hear your take on it in the comments.

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  1. I spent some money on a copy of this at Kroger and ended up regretting it. I appreciate Stephen King trying to write some out-of-genre fiction and it felt like his heart was in the right place, but otherwise this was a waste of time for me. I’m glad somebody liked it though! 😉

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