I have a confession


You probably thought I fell off the face of this earth because I haven’t had any new releases for two long years! But guess what? The sequel to Playing House is finally complete!

This duet has been so wild and intense that… I didn’t know if I was ready to unleash it into the world!


How about I tell you about the amazing opportunity I have to offer you today?! That’s coming right up.

Hard to believe it’s already been two years since I last put a new book out into this world. For that reason alone, I want to do everything I can for this book. And, as you probably already know, when I go underground, I go in all the way and don’t emerge until I have something freaking awesome to share.


How Would You Like to Read My Next Book for Free?

I’m only one month away from launching my next book, The Black Widow: A Psychological Thriller. I can’t lie… I’m super excited about this one, and the launch is going to be huge. Where do you come into this equation?



I plan to pick a handful of special people from my Review Team to form my “Book Launch Team” to help me get the word out. Those readers will get to read two books, if they wish, since The Black Widow is book 2 in a Duet. Since this book is brand spanking new, if you sign up, you will be one of the first readers to set eyes on an Advance Reader Copy of this sequel. I also have these beautiful paperbacks sitting here and I want to reward those who help me out. Interested?

FIRST… Be fair warned, this collection of books is a dark psychological thriller. The Dark Secrets Duet is trigger heavy and has pushed some people out of their comfort zone. The Duet exposes the results of childhood trauma, emotional abuse, loss of a spouse/child, depression, vengeful infidelity, violence, and mental illness. If you can handle that, then step right up.


Even with all the drama, readers are calling Clarisse Blackwell’s self-destructive spiral “so relatable and human”. Here’s what other readers had to say about Book 1 in this Duet:



Not Yet Convinced?


  • 1) Complimentary electronic copy of Playing House: A Black Widow Novel, Dark Secrets Duet, #1;
  • 2) Complimentary electronic copy of The Black Widow: A Psychological Thriller, Dark Secrets Duet, #2, weeks before anyone else can get it;
  • 3) Membership into my private reader group on Facebook; where you get exclusive access to me and your fellow VIPs; and
  • 4) An opportunity to be rewarded with an autographed paperback or two.


  • 1) Read the books and leave a short, honest book review during the book’s launch week (between October 27-November 02, 2019);
  • 2) Do at least one thing on your blog or social media to spread the word. You could send a tweet, mention you’re reading the book on Facebook, upload a pic on Instagram or share one of my lovely graphics. Whatever you want!

Of course, if you want to do other things to help the launch be a great success, like buy copies of the book for friends, Like my Facebook posts, Retweet my tweets, convince your friends to read the books, or send me chocolates—I won’t object!

So does this sound awesome or what? I’m only choosing 25 people to participate and I already have a solid 5 I’ve approved, so if you’re interested, please sign up right away. I’m putting a ton of time and energy into this launch so please take this seriously and only sign up if you can get your review(s) up between October 27 and November 02. I hope to see you in the VIP reader group!


There are a lot of people who never read Playing House, because they are in bad relationships, who could really use this. I am determined to get the Dark Secrets Duet into the hands and minds of the people who need it. Are you with me?

Step up here: https://forms.gle/nMLceSGHBMTqZDC9A 

Excited to share more with you!


All the Best,


Queen of All Things Dark and Twisted


P.S. Will you join a special posse to spread the word about The Black Widow? Remember, you get two e-books, one of them before everyone else, entry into my private reader group, and the chance to win autographed paperbacks.

Jump on it quickly! Once the team room is full, I’ll have to close the doors. I hope you’ll join me!

NOTE: No matter where you live, you can be part of the Twisted Sisters Street Team, as long as you have a phone or other electronic device and WiFi.

It’s been years since I’ve asked something like this, so every response means a lot. And your help will not go unrewarded. Street Team members will receive special gifts and opportunities for each completed mission–from an exclusive look at the first chapters of The Black Widow to never-before-released videos:

The full list of missions is up here – opportunity ends soon


Do you think someone else might like to join the team? Please share this post!

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