Beautifully Broken

No matter how far you go down the wrong road, you can always turn back.

Matt is good at fixing things . . . but he quickly learns that people are a little more difficult to put back together.

Matthew Knight is a ladies man. He’s as handsome as he is sinister, with a natural charm that wows the skirt off every woman he passes. Having already had a piece, Felicia knows how dangerous it can be getting too close to all that raw masculine power. If she’s learned anything from their scandalous weekend together, it’s that spontaneity leads to chaos. Still choking on guilt from his untimely accident, she refuses to let him in.

Matt wants in, and he can be very persuasive. He will do anything to ruffle Felicia’s feathers and she will stop at nothing to hide how much she enjoys it every time he does. He refuses to surrender until she caves and gives him what he wantswhat he’s wanted all this time—her.

When the pair reunite, their chemistry explodes off the charts, but can Felicia harness her frozen emotions and resist him? Although Matt comes armed with all the right words, can he prove to her that she means more to him than another weekend rendezvous? Witness the power struggle and see who comes out on top.

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Beautifully Broken - characters named

More About Beautifully Broken…

Matty was good at fixing things . . . He quickly learned that people were a little more difficult to put back together.  After suffering from an accident that stole his mobility, Matty struggles to find himself, let alone the woman who had stayed with him for hours while he was pinned between two vehicles, barely grasping at life while they waited for the rescue crews.

He was supposed to die . . . If it weren’t for Felicia, he would be dead.  She was a strong, sassy gal, who ordered him to live.  And he did.  But when the rescue crews arrived, they whisked her away, just as a blackness enveloped him.  He’s been living in that darkness ever since.  Depression swallows his resolve to find her, while he works to mend his broken body and nurse his broken heart.

Driven back into each other’s arms . . . Can they play nice?  Sure, they know their way around the bedroom together, but what about socializing in public?  Will they be able to get past the accident that had pulled them together and tore them to pieces?  Or will the weekend they reunite be enough to do them in for good?

This steamy, new adult romance is meant for a mature audience.

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Beautifully Broken is a stand-alone romance, Book 2 in the Destiny Series, and is NOW AVAILABLE!

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