Perfectly Ruined

Some things are worth the fight.

Beautiful young couple in love in evening dresses posing at stud

Working synopsis: (trust me when I say this is going to change)

Carter Knight is a fire fighter. He saves lives. Cold and calculating are just two of the less than sparkling attributes he’s added onto his resume lately. He didn’t make himself this way—of course—and nothing is ever coincidence when it comes to Carter Knight. Bad luck follows him like the plague.

From the outside it looks like he is leading the life of a saint. He has a beautiful girlfriend who still wears his ring, a house of luxury on a nice little plot of land out west and an honorable profession that assures him the title of provider for his woman. As a fire fighter, Carter thrives on the yo-yo effect of stress and reward, but when his life is flipped upside down at the blink of an eye, he’s stunned into a menacing silence that only gets worse the more the situation is rubbed in his face.

Forced out of his own home, with no one to rely on and nowhere to go, he’s finds himself returning to his quaint, hometown, the last place he wants to be. He knows he has to face his family, but the awkward truths have him avoiding them at every pass. The memory of a meek blonde friend of his brother—what was her name again, Natalie?—has him looking her up and knocking on her door. What happens next will surely entertain you.

Tag: She says I’m perfect . . . perfectly ruined.


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