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See what readers are saying about The Twisted Trilogy!

Shari says: This story is passionate, heartbreaking, sensual and sexy.

Dr. Dr. says:  Simpson delivers on her promise of a sexy, sassy, sarcastic romance.

Jayne says:  Loved it… Edwin……. How the hell this woman can live with such a hot piece of man candy and not act on it is beyond me!!

T. Vought says:  This is Christa Simpson’s 1st novel and she nails it! She captivates us with her ability to make us swoon over the leading man, wish we were the so called “Friends with benefits” girl, humor, girlfriend banter, intrigue and more!

Debbie says:  Twisted is a hot, sexy, sassy read. Wonderful characters and plot.

Skeptic says:  The excellence continues… Just when you think a story cannot get any more juicy, Simpson does it!! Simpson has a way with words that leaves the reader desperate for more!!!

Lewlin says:  I loved Edwin….then I loved Cam….and now I just don’t know who I want to win the battle of testosterone!!  Excellently written, I loved this book…seriously it’s a must read!!

Andrea says:  I fell more in love with Edwin throughout the entire story. Christa did a fabulous job keeping the story intriguing all the way to the very end. This is a great trilogy and I highly recommend you read it.

Mamacita62 says:  You have become one of my favorite authors because of this series! I absolutely loved this series! I cried and laughed along with the characters. So good! Thank you for entertaining me! Keeping the reader entranced in the story is what it’s all about!

Amazon customer says:  Christa Simpson’s done it again! I was literally on the edge of my seat to the very end….and what an ending it was! This was a true love story in the every sense of the word.

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