Time for a Giveaway!!

What can I say? It’s been a hell of a week. I’ve reached some major milestones and I want to share the love. 😀

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Just A Kiss?

Edwin or Cameron?   Who do you think **** (‘he’) is? Read the short excerpt and play along.  Come on, it’ll be fun.  🙂  But you’ll have to read Twist and Turn to find out for sure. 😉 COMING SOON.

****’s haunting eyes never left mine as the office fell eerily silent, except for the random curse of staff trying to wrap up their work before the battery backup shut down.  The hydro didn’t flash back on; not even a flicker.  My eyes were wide, then tried to focus on the man before me.

Don't Talk Just Kiss
Don’t Talk Just Kiss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

**** drew closer to me yet, until his face was so close to mine I could feel his warm breath. I closed my eyes and gulped, not knowing what to expect next. He brushed his fingers under my chin and cautiously kissed my upper lip. His mouth made a soft smooching sound that jump started my heart.

That soft kiss was so electrically charged that I wondered if the entire office had felt it. I was overwhelmed with emotions: confusion, excitement and relief. My feelings toward him came rushing back like a tsunami, as his mouth touched mine again. The sparks flying between us could have serviced the whole office. (more…)

Meet My New Man!!

A few suit mean in the city

A few suit mean in the city (Photo credit: Tymtoi)

You asked for it and here it is: a glimpse at Abigail and Cameron’s first meeting in book two of The Twisted Trilogy.

Rough exerpt from Twist and Turn:

I blasted through the vestibule and clambered into the lobby, reality slamming me flat in the face when I noticed a client lingering by the empty reception desk.

The man was facing away from me and yet still managed to exude such confidence. With his short, dark blonde hair, and the way he stood with his hands casually tucked in the pockets of his expensive, shiny black suit, I knew I had to approach him.

I only hoped that when I set eyes on him, his face would be as intriguing as the rest of the package. “Hi. Can I help you with something?” I blurted.

He spun around to face me and attacked me with his gorgeous features. I could not believe my eyeballs. His eyebrows hung low over his squinted sunset-shaped eyes. If eyes could smile, then his were beaming at me. Excitement instantly flooded me with the instant realization that Taylor, the receptionist, was nowhere to be found.

When he caught my dazed stare, he wrinkled his sexy forehead, raising his eyebrows and giving me a better look into those glimmering crystal eyes. Oh my God! If possible, this man just got cuter. (more…)

One of my favourite Twisted excerpts…

Mouth 6

Mouth 6 (Photo credit: Bernard DURET)

In light of the fact that I have finally found my new book cover, I’d like to share one of my favourite excerpts from my debut novel TWISTED.  Read on for a sample of the relationship between Abigail Jenkins and Edwin Santora.

Here goes…

Being inside his personal space was incredibly awkward.  It wasn’t exactly the place I had expected to be this morning, but there I was, wearing nothing but a barely there bra.

My eyes flashed away from his glimmering aqua glance and landed on his luscious smiling lips.  Lower yet, my eyes focused in on his smooth chest peeking out of his crisp white, mostly unbuttoned shirt.  Damn it.  He looked like a tasty morning treat, his shirt fully tucked into those black slacks hung handsomely from his masculine hips.

I swallowed the lusty lump from the back of my throat.  “Sorry,” I said softly.  I didn’t even know whether I was apologizing for getting in his face or eyeing his body like a piece of man candy. (more…)

OMG I Just Found My Book Cover!!!

Book Chaos

Book Chaos (Photo credit: Sharon Drummond)

I did it!! I bought my first book cover. I found it a few of days ago, premade, forgot to write down the website, then frantically searched the net for it again. I was so terrified it’d be taken that I immediately put it in my cart when I saw it was still available. Then I played around with it for like an hour to make sure the text for my book would work with the photo. It so does!! At last, I emailed the designer, hoping they can reproduce it for me.

I’m a little excited. Can you tell??? (more…)

Late for the Wedding

This is a historical romantic suspense novel by Amanda Quick, the final book in a three-part series, about Lavinia Lake and Tobias March, occasional business partners and sometimes lovers.

Book Review:Late for the Wedding

I wish I could give it a five, but it just wouldn’t be fair.  I would have to say the first two books in the series were more to my liking.  I actually preferred the bantering between Lavinia and Tobias and hoped for a little more of it in book three.  It didn’t necessarily live up to my expectations in that department. I also hoped, since the book is called “Late for the Wedding“, that there would actually be a wedding at the end.  Not the case.  Kind of disappointing. (more…)