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Crime, Mystery & Thriller Book Fair

In November, I was focusing pretty hard core on a romance. The tides have changed! Are you ready for a little excitement to spice up your life? Do you want to feel your heart pounding and kick-start your brain?

The Indie Academy has just what you need with 30 crime, mystery, and thriller stories for you to sink your teeth into. Solve the riddles and save the day without ever having to step out into the cold! My contribution: Playing House, A Black Widow Novel.

Read on for more info about this and the special giveaway, but don’t delay. It’s a limited time offer!

Playing House - Thriller Ebook Cover

If I can’t be happy, no one can.

My name is Clarisse Blackwell. With nothing left to lose, I’m a dangerous woman. There’s a reason they call me the Black Widow. My boyfriend died trying to kill me, and my husband died trying to save my life.

Lying. Cheating. Stealing. It’s what I do. You think you know me? You don’t, and neither does the man whose life mustn’t be worth living anymore. Our relationship is like an explosion set to detonate on my command. He thinks he knows me. His mistake. He thinks he’s different. He doesn’t believe I’m cursed. I’ll make him believe.  READ MORE.


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