I’m Still Here :)

I’ve been really busy lately, but I’m still here, in case you started to worry. ūüėČ

Just yesterday I finished my first edit of A Twist of Fate, book 3 in The Twisted Trilogy!!  Exciting, right?  I thought so too, until I got to my epilogue, which I came to realize was only a small collection of thoughts and not written out at all.  In other words, what I had planned out in my head, had never actually made it to paper and I found myself struggling to find the right words to make it as fabulous as I know it can be.  I was even satisfied with it all when I was done putting it to paper, except for one very important issue that has been gnawing away at my progress.

When¬†it came to the final words of the hero, the winner of the love triangle,¬†being the very last line of The Twisted Trilogy, he wouldn’t spit out the right thing!!¬† I’m even finding it difficult to get back to my¬†imaginary movie theatre (aka dreamland) to find my muse and make him tell me the words he’s going to say.¬† I’m not a very patient girl. :/¬† I threw something together and it’s pretty good, but I refuse to settle for pretty good!!¬† This line has to been the best damn line he’s spewed throughout this entire story, if you ask me.¬† I want it to be everything.¬† I’m still working on that. (more…)