Push My Buttons

I pushed that publish button¬†and I liked it. ūüėȬ† I’m kidding actually.¬† My publishing experience this go around was horrific.¬† My documents for A TWIST OF FATE were all formatted perfectly, exactly as each respective distributor indicated in their guide and yet neither of them were able to process my upload!!

To my relief (and near insanity) they are both now in process for premium distribution.  You can get your copy now on Smashwords or, if you are holding out for Amazon, it will go live anywhere between now and 10 p.m.!!!

a twist of fate - new release


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Thank you so much for all your support!! Whether you have¬†purchased my¬†book, shared the news or given¬†me¬†your writing advice from your informative and inspiring¬†blogs, you’ve all been a major part of my self-publishing journey thus far, whether you realize it or not. For that I thank you. (more…)