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a twist of fate - ebook cover

Abigail finally gets her happy ever after… don’t you want to find out who she chooses?


WITH CAMERON CLARKE SITTING next to me, it was difficult to think of anything intelligible to say.  I couldn’t keep my mischievous eyes off of him.  His short, chaotic blonde hair and beaming baby blues had captured my attention, but it was quickly relinquished when I caught the way his thumb brushed up and down the smooth face of his mug of hot chocolate.

I chewed on my bottom lip, watching the way he caressed the handle, just the way he touched me.  I had to part my lips just to allow a breath to slip between them.  It was amazing how something so simple could tickle me in the most intimate of places. (more…)

Push My Buttons

I pushed that publish button and I liked it. 😉  I’m kidding actually.  My publishing experience this go around was horrific.  My documents for A TWIST OF FATE were all formatted perfectly, exactly as each respective distributor indicated in their guide and yet neither of them were able to process my upload!!

To my relief (and near insanity) they are both now in process for premium distribution.  You can get your copy now on Smashwords or, if you are holding out for Amazon, it will go live anywhere between now and 10 p.m.!!!

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A Twist of Fate Teaser – Woo Woo

***18+ Only PLEASE***

Edwin is back…

I OPENED MY EYES and stretched my arms out over my head, drawing in a long breath to relieve myself from my alarming dream, which I faintly recalled but desperately wanted to remember. I could hear running water and figured Edwin was in the shower. For that I was grateful. He had been the object of my dream that had left me breathless and overwhelmed with a fresh lack of clarity.

I squeezed my shut and strained to remember the dream that had felt so real only moments earlier. Bits and pieces started to come back to me in vivid colour.

Tropical waves crashed the white sand shore, the bright sunshine warming my skin while the fresh morning air teased through my hair. There were endless views of tree-covered mountains, ridiculously grand rocks and crystal blue waters. All that was fine and great, but what tripped me up was that Edwin was there with me. We were isolated on a secluded island and I was completely happy.

I wore nothing but flowered bikini bottoms. Edwin wore fitted, white swim trunks, that contrasted against his dark, tanned flesh. He pulled me into his arms and so tenderly kissed my exposed neck and chest. His hands gently cupped and caressed my breasts, leaving me aching with a need so deep I could feel it in my bones.

Every touch scorched my senses and I wasn’t hiding my attraction to him, running my fingers through his hair and digging my nails into his back as our kiss became more heated and necessary. Edwin lowered me onto a large, white lounger with an overhang that blocked our half-naked bodies from the harsh morning sunrays. (more…)

A Twist of Fate – Book 3: The Twisted Trilogy

Silly me.  I just realized that I’ve never actually posted my e-book cover for A Twist of Fate on here. Ta da!!! Here it is. What do you think? No naked men. Are you shocked? Upset? Relieved that I came out with something a little more sophisticated?a twist of fate - ebook cover

For those of you who might be a little disappointed, just a wee bit, I’ll make you feel better by giving you a taste of my synopsis.  Mind you I just literally finished typing it, so it is most absolutely subject to change. 🙂


Edwin Santora is the kind of man every woman wants to be “friends” with.

He was Abigail’s first love, the love of her life, but when the devastatingly handsome Edwin admitted he just wasn’t ready to settle down and have kids, Abigail was left back at ground zero surrounded by the remnants of her shattered heart.  Convinced that he can win Abigail back, Edwin bides his time and waits for his chance to reclaim her body and her heart.

Cameron Clarke is what dreams are made of.

He was the man of Abigail’s dreams and she was smitten.  She hadn’t actually expected that he would fall for her, but he did; which only makes the clean-up that much messier after he drops a bomb that shocks everyone.  Lost without her, and with his motherless little girl’s broken heart on the line, Cameron’s determined to stop Edwin from stealing his future; but is it too late for him?

Torn between these two men who stand to give her everything she ever wanted, who will Abigail choose?

So, does it intrigue you?  Maybe just a little bit?  Fingers crossed that this baby will be ready for publication in December!!

I’m Still Here :)

I’ve been really busy lately, but I’m still here, in case you started to worry. 😉

Just yesterday I finished my first edit of A Twist of Fate, book 3 in The Twisted Trilogy!!  Exciting, right?  I thought so too, until I got to my epilogue, which I came to realize was only a small collection of thoughts and not written out at all.  In other words, what I had planned out in my head, had never actually made it to paper and I found myself struggling to find the right words to make it as fabulous as I know it can be.  I was even satisfied with it all when I was done putting it to paper, except for one very important issue that has been gnawing away at my progress.

When it came to the final words of the hero, the winner of the love triangle, being the very last line of The Twisted Trilogy, he wouldn’t spit out the right thing!!  I’m even finding it difficult to get back to my imaginary movie theatre (aka dreamland) to find my muse and make him tell me the words he’s going to say.  I’m not a very patient girl. :/  I threw something together and it’s pretty good, but I refuse to settle for pretty good!!  This line has to been the best damn line he’s spewed throughout this entire story, if you ask me.  I want it to be everything.  I’m still working on that. (more…)

Meet with Edwin Santora & Tanya – The Book Obsessed Momma on the beach

Twist & Turn.  The kiss that shattered her world.

After dousing myself in sunscreen and checking myself repeatedly in the mirror on the side of my car, I step onto the sand, scanning the beach for the man I’ve been dreaming about for the past two months.  Edwin Santora.  Oh my gosh!  There he is!  Squeeeee!!!
I string my bag over my shoulder and try not to stare as I walk toward him, ignoring the burn of the sand on my toes.  Holy shit, this man is gorgeous.  Christa Simpson did not exaggerate one bit.  Edwin Santora is every bit as godly as she described.

When I reach Edwin, who’s stretched lazily on a full-length tanning chair, I clear my throat.  What do you say to a man that looks like that?  He instantly notices me and flexes every rippling muscle as he rolls to his feet and strikes me with the most breathtaking smile.  He reaches his hand out to me and I want to take it.  I never want to let go.

“Hi, you must be Tanya,” he says.

“Haaa,” I sputter, unable to spit out a greeting, too taken aback by the gritty voice he’s wielding.  “Hi.”

He chuckles, as he releases my hand and that only intrigues me that much more.  “Here.  I saved you a seat,” he suggests, indicating the other plastic beach chair laid out next to his.

In a matter of minutes, I was sharing an umbrella with Edwin Santora and witnessing the sexiest sheen of sweat covering his chest and abs.

“Um,” I stutter, “I thought Abby was going to be here today too,” I suggest, pretty excited about the change of plans.

“She’ll be here.  She’s late to everything.  But you, on the other hand, you are right on time.”

Oh. My. God.

He flashes me some teeth this time and I swear if he doesn’t cut it out I’m going to have to take a dip in the lake to cool my flaming panties.

Copyright 2013 Christa Simpson

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Indie Author’s Dream ~ Book Cover By Design

If you are looking for a cover designer, look no further!! I discovered Kellie Dennis at Book Cover by Design through Facebook and was amazed by what I found.

Twist & Turn by Christa Simpson. Book 2 in The Twisted Trilogy. Cover Designer: Kellie Dennis of Book Cover By Design

Twist & Turn by Christa Simpson. Book 2 in The Twisted Trilogy. Cover Designer: Kellie Dennis of Book Cover By Design

Don’t suffer like I did, gawking at countless pre-made covers that were just missing the mark. Go check out her website now!! (more…)