twist and turn

The Next Big Thing

the-next-big-thing awardI’m told I’ve been nominated for The Next Big Thing award. Twice!! Cool. I guess it’s a blog hop, where writers get to share their WIP and have to nominate a few other writers to do the same. Thanks to Danielle Taylor and Mitch Lavender for nominating me. Here goes nothing.


1) What is the title of your next book?

TWIST AND TURN. I’m currently in the editing phase of book two in The Twisted Trilogy.

ashley greene and kellan lutz arrive push premiere

ashley greene and kellan lutz arrive push premiere (Photo credit: Anthony Citrano)

2) Where did the idea come from for the book?
One day, after reading a series by a new author, I thought ‘I could do that’. So I googled hot celebrities for inspiration and started dreaming up a life for them. My novel 
TWISTED wasn’t ready to be finished, so it quickly became The Twisted Trilogy. 

3) What genre does your project fall under?
New Adult Contemporary Romance with a paranormal twist.

4) What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?
I picture Abigail looking like Minka Kelly.
 For Edwin, I’d like Channing Tatum‘s personality wrapped in Kellan Lutz‘s body. What? I can’t do that? 😉 (more…)

Prologue Or Not Here I Come

Fake car accident. The vehicle on the picture ...

Fake car accident. The vehicle on the picture is an FSO Polonez MR’89. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s my prologue (in rough draft) for TWIST AND TURN, book two in The Twisted Trilogy. I used a prologue to give the readers a glimpse at the paranormal aspect of this novel. I feel that it is very significant and, since my book is written in the first person (Abigail’s perspective), this is a way of seeing it through someone else’s eyes. It’ll tie in later, to make you say ‘whoa’.

So now you know. Abigail’s not crazy. Or maybe she is, for leaving Edwin. But she actually is seeing dead people. (At least one dead person in particular. J



Six years earlier.

TESSA CLARKE WIPED THE tears from her eyes as she sobbed out of control. She was miserable, but certain she was doing the right thing.

“This is my daughter, he’s not taking her from me,” she cried, as she sped away from her home with no intention of turning back.

She squinted through the dirty windshield at the dark night with blurry, enraged eyes and a heavy foot. She dangerously weaved through cars on the highway until she reached her exit. Relief overcame her when she finally passed the City’s boundaries and dirt began to plume behind her on the freshly gravelled country road.

She looked in her rear-view mirror flashing a glance into the back seat. “I finally did it baby. I did it for us,” she said, a soft smile creeping onto her downturned lips.

A sudden flash of red light blinded her as she turned her tired, burning eyes to the oncoming headlights. (more…)

Review This…

I just got to a point while editing TWIST AND TURN, book two in The Twisted Trilogy, where a couple of reviews creeped into my head and tried to make me unbitchify Abby.  I could have cut the entire paragraph out…now, instead of editing this out, I’m leaving it in just to piss ’em off.  😉

To change Abby’s overdramatic sarcasm and bitchy persona is to change Abby.  Can’t do it.  Besides, I love her like that.  Do you think the world is full of all sweet, perfect, non-selfish people?  Puh-lease.  She’s real (in my own twisted little world). (more…)