Those Summer Nights

A work in progress…


(Subject to change.)

Kellan went on his nightly walk, stalking the sand like he was on a mission.  He hadn’t seen Amberly since she had escaped from his arms days ago, and he was getting rather impatient.  He even considered demanding that the park ranger tell him where he could find her.  But that would only make him sound desperate.  But damn if he didn’t feel desperate.

As he plowed down the beach, he couldn’t help but hear the sound of spraying water coming from the men’s public washroom.  Had some kids left the water running?  He figured he’d better check it out.  He crept toward the room, wondering whether the rugrats had taken off yet and quietly slipped inside the room of cement, hoping to spook them.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw the source of the noise.  It was coming from the one person he wasn’t expecting to find and the one thing he was glad he did.

Amberly stood there, beneath the spray of a shower, her delicate arms stretched above her head, her hands laced into that long, striking red hair.  He knew he should say something, but other parts of him wouldn’t allow it, as he watched the water dip between her perfectly perky breasts and cover over the rest of her flawless, porcelain skin.  But mostly, he couldn’t take his eyes from those soft, shapely curves, appreciating the way the wet, see-through fabric clung to her petite body.

She tousled her hair, her eyes closed in a fantasy like state, as the soap streamed down her, over places he wanted his tongue to discover.  The way the water trickled down her skin, caused her to shudder, and only induced thoughts of what he could do to her with his mouth all over that taught, little body.  Then he growled, before he could even stop himself, and it echoed through the room like it was a cavernous chamber.

Amber froze in place and her eyes grew wide, when she realized she was not alone.  He knew it was wrong for him to intrude and gawk shamelessly at her, but his eyes betrayed his honour.

The night was growing dark and he couldn’t leave her there, so he only stared, waiting for her to respond to him.  His attraction was evident from the stiffness of his erection and the lust in his gaze, but she refused to acknowledge he was there, even though he knew that she knew.

The sharp peak of her nipples pressed against the wet, white fabric, calling his name.  He wanted to close his mouth around her and grind those glorious hips against him.  But he didn’t dare make a move.  She looked so innocent and petrified, he couldn’t fathom the thought of her rejection, and yet that challenge only turned him on more, making him painfully hard in the shorts and in need of a soft escape that only she could provide.


Amberly didn’t dare open her eyes when she heard the man enter the room.  She hoped he would turn around and leave when he realized that the room was otherwise occupied, but she didn’t hear the door reopen and he didn’t make another noise as she fingered her wet hair under the spray.

She vigorously scrubbed her hair, ready to make a mad dash for her things and bolt back to the safety of her family trailer, until she heard the most exotic growl that sent a shiver to her core.  Taking a step back, she finally acknowledged that he existed.  When she opened her eyes, ready to make a run for it, her limbs lost all sense.

Kellan stood before her, with the most glorious naked chest she had ever seen.  Sweat glistened all over his body and his shirt was tucked into a loop at his waist, which only drew her eyes to the large bulge stabbing at his shorts.  Her mouth grew dry at a sight so masculine, a sight she had never witnessed not once before now.  And now, she stood shy and very alone with this visceral man prowling the night.

“I’m so sorry,” she choked out, suddenly very aware of her nakedness.

She covered her breasts with one arm to block the nipples now protruding through the wet, white fabric, but that only seemed to intrigue him more.  She hurried for her towel and yanked it up to her chest with one hand, to cover herself, sending her glasses falling to the floor.

She instantly dropped to her knees, surprised by the way her body was responding to this man.  She retrieved the frames from the damp cement, only to find that a lens had popped free.  She searched for it, frantically, all but ignoring the magnificent creature standing next to her, until his voice growled again.

“Looking for this,” he asked, flashing the small rectangular glass between his fingers.

She looked up at him from the floor and a spark flared in his eyes when they connected with hers.  She reached out her hand to collect her lens, but instead she found him lifting her from the floor in a single, swift swoop that sent her heart into a gallop.

“You really have to stop doing that,” he growled, not releasing her from his grip.

She gripped her towel so tight that she thought it might crumble in her fingers.  “My glasses,” she sputtered.  Then she chewed on her lower lip to reign in her own attraction, which now had her shocked and appalled by the force of it.

Kellan growled again and she couldn’t control the shiver of awareness that spread warmth across her body, as her tongue darted out to wet her lips.  He stole the frames from her hand, popped the lens back in place and slowly, carefully slid them onto her nose, staring her right in her innocent eyes.

His hands were no longer on her, but she was still pressed against his solid lower body, the only things separating her from that beautifully masculine chest, being her dry towel.  She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this close to a man, and she didn’t think she had ever been this close to a shirtless slab of sex before.

When Kellan’s hand brushed across her cheek, she closed her eyes, unable to reign in the mess of sensations swirling around her.  She didn’t know what the hell was going on, but she sure as hell wasn’t about to stop him.  She had never felt anything quite like it and didn’t want the experience to end.  Especially since she had still believed, after all these years, that Andy was the only man who could bring her to this place on cloud nine.

“You’re beautiful,” Kellan said, his voice vibrating through every inch of her body.  He stared at her mouth and she parted her lips for a breath to satisfy her hurried heartbeat.

She knew the proper thing to do would be to forget about her things, bolt out of there and not stop until she was as far away from this man as humanly possible.  But as he slowly leaned into her, he pierced her with a want she didn’t know could exist.  Instead of screaming and running for help, she found herself softening against him.


Kellan was sure she was near ready to run, but he’d do anything to keep her there.  He saw the way her eyes had darted to his shorts.  She liked it.  And that defied his resolve.  There was no way now that either of them was leaving this room unsatisfied.  He wanted her in his arms, in his mouth and in his bed.

When her gaze darted back to his eyes, she seemed to be in a state of breathlessness.  He could make her breathless for other reasons, but he knew he would have to take it slow with this one.  She was like a delicate flower.  She needed special attention and he would pay extra care, despite the urge coursing through him to have her hard and fast.

He cautiously leaned into her, testing her desire.  He could see that she was attracted to him, but something inside of him wanted her to feel more than that.  “Look at me,” he demanded, softly.

Then he hooked his fingers onto the string of her bikini bottoms.  One pull and she would be as good as naked.  The thought struck him right in his manhood, only increasing his need and sticking her with the proof.  She shuddered at his bold touch and it made him growl again.

Responding to his sexy command, her long, thick lashes fluttered open and shattered the last of his control.  He clenched his teeth, like a rabid animal, in an attempt to reign in his desire, but it coursed through his veins like lava.  What was wrong with him?  He couldn’t control himself around this woman.  And he was ready to find out if she tasted as edible as she looked.

He tilted his head down toward her, easing closer to those soft, pink lips.  There was so much he wanted to do to her, but she looked so very anxious, which kept him on high alert.  He did not want to blow this.

Needing to claim this woman as his own, he yanked on those petite bikini bottoms, that left nothing to the imagination, and only wished that they had fallen apart when he tugged her flat against him.  Unfortunately, they appeared to be double-knotted.  She was going to make him work for it.

Copyright © 2013 Christa Simpson.  All rights reserved.

There’s a lot more to come for Kellan and Amberly.  I hope to share more with you soon.  ❤ ❤

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